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Books by Christine Larsen

Author Christine Larsen

Old McLarsen Had Some Farms - Book One - Brave Beginnings
"STOP! STOP... IN GOD'S NAME! YOU'RE KILLING HER!" the stranger shouted as he pushed his way through the crowd of shrieking children. They were jumping up and down in seeming panic and helplessness, almost hiding the gory scene. All he and his mate had been able to glimpse as they burst through the gate into the front yard, was a woman covered in blood. A man had her pinned to the ground and much [...]

Small Folk Rhymes - Part 2 - Fun + Activities (Small Folk Tales)
Small readers of my books receive a great deal of pleasure from my rhymes and cute stories about animals and creatures that share our world. Now I have added to their enjoyment of the learning experience by adding a Part 2 to the Small Folk Rymes eBook, focussing on fun and activities to stimulate and provide joy as a small mind grows and is challenged to learn more about our wonderful world.

The Gross Gang
The Gross Gang is a collection of rhymes about a group of disorderly and often obnoxious characters, who have been drawn together to play with some extremely old words that have mostly 'seen better days'. In other words, they are old-fashioned and rarely spoken in today's modern world. So much fun stumbling around with these tongue-twisters... and all of these odd words about the strangest [...]

Tall Tales from the Small Folk Clan (Small Folk Tales)
YOU RECOGNISE THE SMALL FOLK CLAN, SURELY? After all, you were one of them once upon a time... remember? Perhaps it was a long time ago for you personally, or maybe you are reading to a current member of the Small Folk Clan? Whichever part of the Clan you belong to, I'm sure you will agree on the importance of the small folk learning to love reading. The whole world can be theirs with this [...]

The Grandest Small Folk Tales
Grand-parenting is a special joy - a wonderful time to share and care without the heavy burden of total responsibility that parenthood entails. It's a time to give yourself permission to revisit your childhood, to fantasise, to share and enjoy all the possibilities Life offers... without the hard realities creeping in. This book is a celebration of many special years shared between loving [...]

Almost Unbearable Tales (Small Folk Tales)
Well-ll-ll, he's b-a-c-k... my best old mate, Ted Bear Esq. (the Esq. bit was his idea - he thinks he's quite grand when that is added to his official title). After sharing more than 65 years of Life with him, I don't need anything to raise him in my estimation, or make him any more loveable - he's my Ted - what more can I say? It was all meant to start and end with a simple photographic record - [...]

Ted Bear Esq. - his photo album (Small Folk Tales)
Here is my best old mate, Ted Bear Esq. (lovingly known as Ted to me all the 65 years we have shared, so far!) It all began modestly enough with some photos of him for his story on Squidoo - 'A Little Known Aussie, Ted Bear Esq.', but do you think this was enough for this furry prima donna? No way! He beat his hairy chest for a bit, then demanded a full exposure of his 'togetherness' with all his [...]

Small Knitty Gritty Folk Tales (Small Folk Tales)
The first thing to know about the Knitty Gritty Kids is that most of them are 'Special Needs' children, rescued from the scrap heap of Life. I did not let them down as other soul-less, so-called 'parents' had. Deserted and discarded like so much rubbish, each one begged for rescue. Some wore their saddest, most tearful expressions, whilst others relied on an unexplainable magnetism to draw me to [...]

Small Folk Rhymes (Small Folk Tales)
An original and quirky collection of poems and short stories for wee small folk - to capture and enhance their own wondrously fertile imaginations. Is there a loving 'out loud' reader somewhere for each of those smalls who have not yet begun their path to becoming a book lover, able to read to themselves? To this special reader, Christine says - "Please share the honour with me of creating [...]

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