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Books by Russell F. Moran

Author Russell F. Moran

Robot Depot
Mike Bateman is a visionary businessman, the creator and CEO of the fabulously successful chain of stores, Robot Depot, a company dedicated to selling robots and Artificial Intelligence machines for a variety of uses. The company is a darling of Wall Street, and is the most popular destination for consumers and businesses looking for labor saving devices. But the company caught the eye of ISIS, [...]

The President is Missing - A Matt Blake Novel (Matt Blake Series Book 3)
"What the hell just happened?" I asked Barbara Hightower, my assistant. We were watching a TV first, a live broadcast by the President of the United States from a nuclear submarine deep under the waters of the South Atlantic. The President, Matt Blake, also happens to be my husband. Matt, dressed in naval officer's fatigues, faced the camera holding a microphone. He looked great, but then he [...]

The Keepers of Time (Book Five of the Time Magnet Series 1)
The Keepers of Time - "Something's wrong. What's going on? This isn't right. Where the hell are we?" Ashley said to Jack as they stood on an open walkway of the USS Ronald Reagan. The ship was cruising off New York's Long Island when the beautiful scenery suddenly disappeared. Admiral Ashley Patterson and her husband Jack have done it again. They've time traveled this time 200 years into the [...]

A Reunion in Time
What if a 37-year-old adult travels back 20 years in time and finds himself in high school, followed by his 36-year-old wife? They're now teenagers, 17 and 16. Adults in teenage bodies, they struggle to convince the people from their past that they are real, not apparitions. With the benefit of hindsight, they know the history of the past 20 years, and it isn't pretty. Rick and Ellen are married, [...]

The Reformers - A Matt Blake Novel (The Matt Blake legal thriller series Book 2)
The Reformers - A Matt Blake Novel - A story of law, politics, and alternative history. "I just met a lying scumbag. Not only is he a lying scumbag, but he's a mass murderer, a lowlife piece of garbage. Problem is, he's my client. I saw him briefly this morning before his arraignment, where the judge read the charges against him, including 61 one counts of murder, for openers, along with 105 [...]

Sideswiped - Book One in the Matt Blake legal thriller series
Sideswiped - A Matt Blake Novel - Matt Blake is a Chicago trial lawyer and highly decorated Marine combat veteran. After losing his beloved fiancee in a tragic car accident, he finds that he has more battles to fight: alcohol and drugs. He gradually realizes that his life is spiraling downward, and that he needs help with the battle. He seeks the help of Dr. Benjamin Weinberg, a psychiatrist [...]

The Scent of Revenge - Book Two of the Patterns Series
The Scent of Revenge - Book Two of The Patterns Series - The world is at war - World War III. ' FBI Agent Rick Bellamy and his wife, Ellen, find themselves in the middle of a sinister terror plot. Someone is attacking young prominent women, inflicting a horrible disease. Nobody knows its origin, nobody knows how to stop it, nobody knows how to cure it. Will the lives of the women be changed [...]

The Shadows of Terror (Patterns Book 1)
The Shadows of Terror - A new war has begun, World War III. Rick Bellamy, an FBI agent who specializes in counterterrorism, is engaged in his own war, a war with no end. Terrorism now has a new face, a face that's obscured in the shadows. The radical forces of destruction have learned to make themselves invisible to the West, and preventing a terrorist attack has become almost impossible. The boy [...]

The Skies of Time - Book Four in The Time Magnet Series
The Skies of Time - Book Two of the Time Magnet Series - "Are you ready, honey?" I asked Jack. "Honey? Hey, Ashley, you're an admiral. Aren't you supposed to call me 'lieutenant' or something?" "You're my husband, dammit, and I'll call you whatever I want - honey." "Aye aye, sweetheart." As they launched off the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, Ashley and Jack thought they were [...]

A Time of Fear - Book Three of The Time Magnet Series
A Time of Fear - Sequel to The Thanksgiving Gang - A time travel and alternate history novel of courage and terrorism. In a month, five American cities will be devastated by suitcase nuclear bombs. The time travelers take on their old name, The Thanksgiving Gang. They know what will happen, because they traveled to the future. They know what the result will be. They've seen the devastation. They [...]

The Thanksgiving Gang - Book Two in The Time Magnet Series
The Thanksgiving Gang - The Sequel to The Gray Ship - A time travel and alternate history thriller of terrorism, love, and courage. Excerpt from Chapter One - It happened again. I didn't see it coming. I never do. My name is Jack Thurber, and I'm a time traveler, not a title I thought I'd aspire to, but having done it three times before, I guess it's who I am. I slipped through wormholes before, [...]

Boating Basics - The Boattalk Book of Boating Tips
Boating Basics is a simple no-nonsense book for the beginner or boaters in need of refresher knowledge. It's published by the people at The author covers everything from the basics of cleaning your boat, how to handle a high speed power boat, anchoring tips, shopping tips,and more. The most popular chapter is "How to dock a single screw boat like a pro," simple tips for a skill that [...]

The Gray Ship
Alternate history, military fiction, and a time travel romance. Captain Ashley Patterson is a 36 year old Commanding Officer of a nuclear guided missile cruiser. While steaming toward Charleston, South Carolina in April 2013, the ship encounters a time warp or wormhole. Suddenly, Captain Patterson and her 930 crewmembers find themselves in the year 1861, two days before the start of the Civil [...]

If You're Injured - The Consumer Guide to Personal Injury Law
A personal injury can be a devastating experience. If you were injured because of another person's negligence, you may be legally entitled to a money award, either by verdict or settlement. The law is complicated, and this book will guide you through every part of a personal injury lawsuit, including the steps you should take to hire the right lawyer, and the ways to communicate with the lawyer [...]

The APT Principle - The Business Plan that You Carry in Your Head
To start or run a business without a business plan is like taking a ship to sea without plotting a course: either one can end in disaster. The APT Principle: The Business Plan That You Carry in Your Head plots your course for a safe and successful voyage. It is a diagnostic toolbox that enables you to conceive, write, and most important, to stick to a business plan. Too many business owners put [...]

Justice in America - How it Works - How it Fails
From Kirkus Review - The goddess of justice is blind and deaf and very often dumb according to this savvy critique of the American legal system. Moran, a lawyer, journalist and founding editor of The New York Jury Verdict Reporter, knows firsthand the problems that plague American jurisprudence, and isn't afraid to point fingers. Topping his rogue's gallery are "incompetent idiots" on the bench, [...]

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