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Author John Chapman

It Wasn't a Dark and Stormy Night - Titanic Time
If I went on the Titanic, I would die. If I didn't go, the Titanic disaster would never happen and millions would die as a result - and I would never be born. You're probably confused. I was, but when you are time travelling, paradoxes are one of those things you have to learn to live with. I had to go - to make sure the Titanic sunk! A 20 minute read FREE on Kindle Unlimited

It Was Another Dark and Stormy Night - A short and unbelievable story
I've been infected - with timebots. The last people infected were killed by Jack the Ripper to remove them. I can die or travel to 1785 to save a witch. Time travel - here I come. Another short and unbelievable story which will take you about thirty minutes to read. Get it free on Kindle Unlimited.

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night - A Short and Unbelievable Story
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night - Huh! What sort of title is that? Well it's a tongue-in-cheek short story to get you thinking. If you were struck by lightning and survived unharmed would you voluntarily risk it again? You might if you were 'Jack the Ripper' on a time travel mission. A Kindle Short Story. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Dark Secrets (A Vested Interest Book 2)
The doctor who developed the immortality virus is dead. Her body has been treated with her drug though; can she be brought back to life? The second part of the 'A Vested Interest' series - follows 'Immortality Gene.' Dr. Donna Rigden is clinically dead. Two letters and two secrets steered her future, now one is missing. Who took it and why? Who blackmailed her into marrying Richard Triplet when [...]

A Vested Interest - Immortality Gene
You fear pandemics? What if the elixir of eternal life turns out to be a virus that grants you immortality?The earth needs immortal humans--It's the only way to save all life from an apocalypse which no survivalist can prepare for. Immortality is an essential part of the plan to avoid this ultimate disaster. Book one of the series tells how three genetic engineers came to develop a cure for death [...]

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