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Books by Roland Cheek

Author Roland Cheek

YOGO (Sapphires of Yogo Series)
Searching For Gold Bumbling Onto Sapphires - He already had two noted gold discoveries, so what could the guy do for an encore? Stumble onto the greatest gemstone lode in world history that's what! Caught by a cloudburst on an open plateau, he squatted alongside his horse in the pelting rain until the sun at last emerged. While shrugging from soaked clothing and spreading them on nearby rocks to [...]

The Dogged and the Damned
After surviving the World War II carnage of seemingly endless New Guinea battles, then living through the slaughter of nearly all of his Company H comrades on a Moratai beach, Corporal Mikhail "Michael" Baranovitch had enough. He turned and deliberately walked back across the beach he'd earlier charged onto from the landing craft, and into the Pacific Ocean! Miraculously he survived both the [...]

Learn About Elk
In the beginning there was heaven and earth; and the earth was without form and void and little tow-headed boys wandered around barefoot with hands in their pockets because there was nothing upon the land to catch their imagination. And God looked upon His work and it was not yet good that no thing existed to challenge those boys. And so an autumn came to pass when eerie whistlings drifted into [...]

Dance On the Wild Side
My wife referred to her growing enchantment in outdoors adventure as "competing in a man's world." That idea infuriated me. I understand that anyone who pretends to be anyone must struggle with everyday problems and relationships. I realize love must be learned and earned, and that it can be lost through mistakes or choices made or not made during life. Some might applaud the thought of a lady [...]

The Silver Yoke (Valediction For Revenge)
The Silver Yoke is the concluding novel in Roland Cheek's "Valediction For Revenge" series chronicling the life and adventures of the mixed-race progeny of a mountain man father and a Blackfeet mother; stories of desperate struggles to play the cards fate dealt amid the exciting pages of America's frontier West. The saga of Jethro Spring's life through five previous tales is one gigantic learning [...]

Gunnar's Mine (Valediction For Revenge)
Heading north, over 10,200-foot Lizard Head Pass, past the struggling Colorado mining camps of Ophir and Telluride, following the rushing tumble of mountainside freshets down from alpine tundra to the quiet murmuring of the San Miguel River, almost to a decaying Uncompahgre gold camp called Placerville, a traveler encountered a mud-and-wattle waystop where a pilgrim could find plain, but filling [...]

Lincoln County Crucible (Valediction For Revenge)
The story opens after the terrible Lincoln gun battle where Alexander McSween and many of his partisans perished. The notorious "Santa Fe Ring," a crooked triumvirate composed of elements of the United States Army, Territorial judges and prosecutors, and extortionistic merchants, are in near-total control of southeastern New Mexico. Young Jethro Spring is undecided about staying in the country, [...]

Chocolate Legs
Chocolate Legs - Sweet Mother Savage Killer? Her story begins as an Ursid Shirley Temple, a cute blond phenom amid the real-life Shangri-la of Glacier National Park's most scenic mountain valley. In time, however, the curtsying knockout zoomed to National Velvet-style celebrity, demanding more from fans than admiring glances and the flashing bulbs of paparazzi cameras. It was those Garbo-sized [...]

Learning To Talk Bear
Roland Cheek began life in Montana by panting after a grizzly bear rug to lay in front of his fireplace. What he received was an education about a wild animal that seized his heart, stole his head, and wormed deep into his imagination. As his outdoors learning curve advanced, grizzly bears topped the list; but it was a winding road from first grizzly sighting in 1965 until first printing of his [...]

Bloody Merchants War (Valediction For Revenge)
For serious students of Western history, time and place tells it all. Time: August, 1877; beginning of what might've been the bloodiest feud west of the 100th Meridian; a struggle between entrenched and evil power centers of crooked merchants, dishonest Territorial government, and U.S. Army detachments who were theirs to command; all overwhelmingly arrayed against bewildered homesteaders, honest [...]

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