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Books by Pearle S. Lake

Author Pearle S. Lake

You Can Leave The State Of Anxiety And Other Lousy States For Good
Did you know that in order to enter the state of anxiety, and other lousy states, you have to participate in the process? Did you also know that the way you participate may be unknown to you? Anxiety is not a punishment but it can feel as though it is. Inside this book you'll find simple strategies that can help you change a go nowhere state, to a resourceful state. You'll also learn how choosing [...]

An Uncomplicated Look at Intuition, Energy, The Other Side and More
If you've ever been perplexed about the dynamics of intuition or how to have energy to be at your best, then you'll find what you need inside this book. Are you curious about the other side and reincarnation? You'll find uncomplicated information. You're not asked to believe what doesn't ring true to you, just keep an open mind. As an Intuitive whose focus is empowerment, Pearle writes for those [...]

How To Be Present and Create Your Future - Methods and Ideas That Work!
This book is unique in that it explains the subject matter in easy terms; at the same time, it is practical, down to earth, and metaphysical. You do not have to have special knowledge in order to read, and apply the ideas that can help you realize your dreams. If you are a coach or a counselor, you'll find tips thatyou can use in your life and also incorporate into the lives of your clients. It [...]

Improve Your Life with Intuition, Feng Shui Wisdom, and Affirmations
Improve Your Life with Intuition, Feng Shui Wisdom, and Affirmations is a primer for opening up to life's good. The ability to tap into your good is your birthright and you need to claim it. Intuition demystifies your valuable intuitive resource and helps you to trust it. Feng Shui Wisdom clues you in to attracting your heart's desires, and maintaining the right flow of energy. Affirmations takes [...]

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