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Books by Bryan M. Powell

Author Bryan M. Powell

The Lost Medallion (Christian Fantasy Series Book 2)
The Lost Medallion - Beneath the Hill of Endor is a Temple - Inside the Temple is a Chamber, Inside the Chamber is a door, Behind the door ... the abyss. And the key to the door is the witch's medallion. Former sheriff Randy Baker steals the witch's medallion. Using the Book of Incantations, he summons the powers of darkness to open a passage which takes him in search of the Temple of Endor in [...]

The Witch and the Wise Men (Christian Fantasy Series Book 1)
The Witch and the Wise Men - An ancient medallion is discovered, An evil spirit is awakened, A witch's curse is broken ... And the wise men of Bethlehem are called upon to face the ultimate evil. When Mrs. White and her daughter, Abby, moved to North Hampton, a quiet town tucked away in the north Georgia mountains, little did the community suspect her real intentions. Then things began to happen [...]

The Order (The Chase Newton Series)
Chase Newton, an investigative reporter finds himself caught in an international conspiracy when he tries to uncover the truth behind a shadowy organization growing in Beaumont, Colorado. His quest not only puts him in danger, but threatens the lives of those he loves. Armed with a cigarette lighter and the Document which places half the country under the control of the Order, Chase prepares to [...]

The Stranger Among Us (The Stranger Series) (Volume 3)
"Imagine a world where there is no sickness, no disease, no curse. Now imagine a world where Satan has just been released on the unsuspecting masses." In The Stranger Among Us, the Millennial Reign of Christ has come to a close. Emma Newton, the Octavian Granddaughter of Chase Newton from book one in the Stranger Series, and her friend Jamis, find themselves living in dangerous times. A new voice [...]

Stranger in the White House
This book is no longer available. The second edition is titled The Oath and can be purchased at

Stranger in the Pulpit
This book is no longer available. Search The Order by Bryan M. Powell for the second edition of the same book. For the e-book, follow this link -

The Final Countdown (The Jared Russell Series Book 3)
Time is running out. Three people hold the clues to where a dirty bomb is located, but they are being systematically killed. After their escape from Beirut, Lebanon, Jared and Fatemah Russell return to America and are caught between radical Muslims and their own safety. Joined by Habib Hanif and Anita Bashera, Jared and his friends meet three strangers who give them a cryptic message, but they [...]

Sisters of the Veil (The Jared Russell Series Book 1)
Set in the town of Stanford, Michigan, former marine turned architect, Jared Russell is called upon to build one of Michigan's largest Mosques. He is joined by Ahmad and Shirin Hassani who had fled Iran, fearing for their lives. Little does he know they are being hunted by a radical Muslim cleric, set on fulfilling a blood curse. As a black man, Jared must deal with racial prejudice, threats to [...]

Power Play (The Jared Russell Series Book 2)
Power Play, a riveting, true to life Political Thriller, which will hold you breathless. Jared and Fatemah Russell have moved to Beirut, Lebanon to open up a safe house for converted Muslims called the Harbor House. They hire fifteen year old Anita Bashera as their housekeeper. Little did they know that she is the daughter of the soon to be elected Prime Minister, Abdullah Bashera. Complicating [...]

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