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Books by BD Manus

Author BD Manus

1 Day Instant Author - One Day To Profit (a How to Create Ebooks)
Have you ever wanted to write, publish and get paid for your own books? Do you lack the time and motivation? With 1 Day Instant Author, it is no longer necessary for you to write anything. Simply read the book and follow the instructions step by step and today, the very same day, you can create and publish your very own ebook, for profit! Once you've mastered the system, you will be able to [...]

Frequency Jumper & Other Stories
Frequency Jumper and other stories fully immerse the reader into a different realm that is filled with possibilities and danger. Represented here are twenty-five short stories from a creative mind that has imagined futuristic crime fighting; an Earth where Armageddon has come and gone leaving the humans that remain under the control of aliens; where winning a home leads to murder, time and time [...]

The US Access to Free Preventive Health Care - the Ultimate Free and Low Cost Health Care Choice Directory
Did Obama Care (a.k.a. the Affordable Health Care Act) leave you out in the cold? You may not realize it, but 31,000,000 Americans cannot get Health Insurance on the exchange simply because they cannot afford it! What's worse is that two-thirds of the 31,000,000 Americans live in just three states: Texas, Georgia and Florida. These Republican controlled states refused to expand Medicaid to low [...]

Successful Marketing for Your Book
Successful Marketing for Your Books is an all access look into the genius marketing campaigns of Manus Publishing. From the unique, the tried and true, and the down right bizarre, you are given a look into nearly a year and a half of real marketing ideas, strategies, and tricks. As a writer, I understand that writing a book is an art form, that when others appreciate it, they make a purchase. I [...]

How To Dropship Your Way To Millions!
The Wonderful world of drop shipping can provide you with a steady income for life. When I first started selling on Ebay, I started as a drop shipper with just the knowledge I read about. I made a lot of mistakes, had a lot of regrets, but I also made a whole lotta money! This book is my first hand account of what you need to do if you want to succeed as a drop shipper. From a basic defination of [...]

Live Rent Free At Any Age
For nothing more than your time, you can live in a Castle in Germany, a Chateau in the South of France, a Penthouse in New York City, in a Beach House on the California coast, a Mansion in England, or a Ranch in Montana? Millions of people all around the world live in luxurious homes such as these and you can too at no cost to you! Live Rent Free At Any Age is not a dream, but it is your passport [...]

Discount Health Care
You don't have health insurance and you need to see a doctor right away, but its not a true emergency, and you are afraid of the cost, which you know will be high, what would you do? Your first step should be to find a Discount Health Care Plan. Discount health care plans are not insurance, and in many cases, the overall savings may be greater than a health insurance policy because there is no [...]

Cuidado de la Salud de descuento (Spanish Edition)
Usted no tiene seguro medico y necesita ver a un medico de inmediato, pero no es una verdadera emergencia, y usted tiene miedo de los costos, lo que usted sabe va a ser alto, que harias? Su primer paso debe ser encontrar un plan de salud con descuento. Planes de salud de descuento no son seguros, y en muchos casos, el ahorro total puede ser mayor que una poliza de seguro de salud, porque no hay [...]

Earn Money with Mail Order
Since the beginnings of the postal system, people have been trying to use it to make money. Today, many people do just that, they sell reports, books, print and mail, and other services by mail and earn $1,000's of dollars every month. Earn Money with Mail Order by BD Manus is your key to a new and better life. Today, there are thousands of people all around the world who are involved in mail [...]

Ten Unusual Ways to Make Money with your Vehicle
Having extra, disposable income sometimes is the key to our survival, especially through difficult times. Many people don't know that they can use their personal vehicles to earn money. I'm not talking about a title loan, I would never entertain such brutalities as those types of places. Ten Unusual Ways to Earn Money with your Vehicle explores this subject in detail. Of course there are the [...]

How To Get A Car For FREE!
Ever since the invention of urban sprawl after WWII, the need to own a vehicle has been great. Studies show that people and families that live in urban areas, without a vehicle and mass transportation are more likely to be of poor health and have poor if any food choices. Many people and families without transportation get tired easily after paying a taxicab or neighbor to go here and there, and [...]

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