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Books by Jonathan Macauley Nielson

Author Jonathan Macauley Nielson

Aurora's Sentinel - Conflict and Diplomacy on an Arctic Frontier from Russian America to the Present
This is a sweeping narrative history of the evolution of Alaska from Tsarist colonial outpost to its place today in the forefront of America's strategic calculus for defending the continent. American acquisition of Russian America in 1867 was dramatic confirmation that the United States intended to be a continental and Pacific power. As America's first non-contiguous territorial acquisition, the [...]

Mist Before the Rising Sun
For those familiar with the Indian Wars, the forty years of conflict fought for control of the Great Plains during ans after the Civil War, mention of the epic fight on the Arickaree Fork of the Republican River known as the battle of Beecher or Beecher's island, conjures images of heroism, sacrifice and survival, suffering unimaginable hardships against insurmountable odds. The distinction is [...]

End of Beyond
For history professor Tim Strange summer beckoned. He'd escape the heat of Prescott and go north. Montana called to him. Having recently lost his wife in an auto accident, her memory still heart-achingly fresh, the beauty of 'Big Sky' country seemed like soul-saving deliverance. She was sitting in his pickup, distraught, terrorized. His student, Abeline Davis, pleaded with him. She had no one [...]

Convergence (An Erin Kelly Novel - Volume 1)
"Oh my God " she screamed, bolting up from her bed in panic, covers erupting in chaos. Only then did she realize her teeth were clamped tight like a vise, her jaw rigid. "God." she moaned, "not again." Erin Kelly recognized her nightmare with vivid, horrifying intimacy. It was the same nightmare that had haunted her for twenty years, stalked her relentlessly since that terrible, terrible night. [...]

Confluence (An Erin Kelly Novel - Volume 2)
Hearing the sharp knock Erin Kelly swung back Wooded Glen's large oak door, smiled what she hoped was a gracious welcome. it was the somewhat intriguing guest she'd been expecting from San Francisco or was it the Caymans? She couldn't remember now. Arresting would fail to describe him: Fiftyish or looking it, tall, tan, and obviously fit. But there was something in his eyes, [...]

1814 - The Year the United States Lost its Independence
Readers of historical fiction know there are two aspects to the genre. One, often highly entertaining and even exceedingly well crafted, is wholly imaginative and escapist by design. It might be a good yarn but the story is implausible in meeting the 'what might have been' test. The second attempts a more complex interweaving of fact and fiction and aspires to a more serious, thoughtful [...]

Chrysalis (An Erin Kelly Novel - Volume 4)
It begins with Erin Kelly's attempted suicide, throwing herself off the Mendocino bluffs into the ocean a hundred feet below, the psychic shock of what she just discovered so unthinkable it seemed her only way out. Her identity lost in the amnesia her bare survival leaves her with, Erin must fight to regain not only herself but to remember the terror that stalks her still. With her husband and [...]

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