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Books by Cornelius Clarke

Author Cornelius Clarke

In the Shadow of the Mill
The Norfolk coast, a landscape of beauty. Scarecrows and windmills dot the horizon, masking a past filled with murder and intrigue. Tommy and Sarah, friends from the same street, go on holiday with their mothers to a sleepy village of cobblestones and gas lamps. Across the field at the back of their holiday home stands a derelict windmill - Sefton Mill. The very mention of which sends the locals [...]

The Haunting of Jack Reilly
Gary Tinsley returns home in the dead of night after a lifetime away. He decides to take a trip down memory lane and visits his old school. But the past comes flooding back in ways he'd have preferred not to remember; memories of a certain teacher, Jack Reilly, a tyrant of the classroom, a drunk and sadistic bully. Gary becomes terrified that this most monstrous of teachers is also wandering the [...]

We are but Shadows
At bedtime, a child turns to his mother and whispers "someone's coming!" She would not have long to wait. Tommy is a loveable pet rat, but what was that noise the next door neighbour can hear and why is there blood smeared on every wall? A would-be murderer is sent spiralling into a world of madness, deserted on an island of scarecrows. Terrified of being buried alive, a timid man wakes up living [...]

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