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Author Jenny Gill

On The Ninth Day (Southhill Sagas)
You know how you have a day when nothing you do goes right? The traffic holds you up, makes you late for work, you snag your tights then you get caught in the rain? 'Just one of those days' you say. Well for Annie, a struggling single mum, and her family it is just the opposite - it seems nothing can go wrong. Not just one day, either. And it's not just the little things but some surprisingly big [...]

A Season, and A Time (Southhill Sagas)
Baby Boomer Fiction - The 6th book in the Southhill Sagas, set in Surrey, to the South of London - though each book stands alone. When Rhona's family throws a surprise party for her sixtieth birthday, you might think she is the woman who has it all - she has her health, a lovely home, a good marriage, and a loving daughter, even a part time job which she enjoys. But ever present is the tragedy [...]

Rock-a-Bye Baby (Southhill Sagas)
Baby Boomer fiction - No 5 in the Southhill Sagas, set in leafy Surrey, England - each book stands alone Joy and Michael are initially horrified when their beautiful but irresponsible daughter, Rachael, announces that she is pregnant and refuses to say who the father is. She can barely look after herself; how will she be able to care for a child? Michael is convinced it will all fall on Joy's [...]

Fisherman's Dream (Southhill Sagas)
Baby Boomer Fiction - No 4 in The Southhill Sagas, set in leafy Surrey to the south of London. Each book in the series stands alone. Martin loves fishing. His dream in life is to run his own business, passing on his love of fishing. His wife Cilla is behind him all the way and they open a full service fishing tackle shop which they call Fisherman's Dream. Then an out of control lorry on the [...]

But A Dream (Southhill Sagas)
A tale of intrigue and mystery - No 3 in the South Hill Sagas, set in leafy Surrey to - the south of London, though each book stands alone Mags has struggled nearly all her life with heart disease. After she gives birth her health - deteriorates, necessitating a transplant. She is given a vast array of medication to take daily. When her doctor changes some of her medication she starts having a [...]

Tightrope (Southhill Sagas)
Lizzie is not what one might think of as a typical vicar's wife. She doesn't sing in the choir, help with cake sales or the Sunday School. She doesn't get involved in the parish life at all but holds down a senior position at a major bank. Jacob and Lizzie have a good marriage, not exciting, but then few marriages are after twenty seven years. When Lizzie is selected to represent her branch at a [...]

Pieces of a Puzzle (Southhill Sagas)
Baby Boomer fiction - No 1 in the Southhill Sagas, set in leafy Surrey, to the south of London. Happily married Alison and Mark are chatting about their coming holiday. She goes to the kitchen to finish supper preparations. When she comes out he has disappeared without a trace, taking nothing with him. She never sees him again. Then 17 years later a solicitor's letter starts her on a search for [...]

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