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Books by Grant M. Handgis

Author Grant M. Handgis

I Have Mine...Show Me Yours - A Memoir
This satirical memoir is based upon real life experiences as they occurred, with all the attendant embarrassments connected therein. Although the story may be real, not all of the characters may be so.. I have taken the liberty of embellishing upon the theme at certain times to accommodate the story, for satirical reasons, yet sadly enough much of the story is all too real. The characters in this [...]

Alchemist's Guide; to Black & White Photo Chemistry - Principles and Procedures for Negatve & Print Development
This book is a photographer's guide, a manual for practices and procedures for the craft of black and white photography. The material covers all the aspects of understanding and controlling the negative, from pre-visualization through developing.This book includes a full explanation of the negative, the underlying process of development, procedures for controlling the negative, b&w photo [...]

Waking Up Naked
Waking up naked is a philosophical metaphor for the condition of finding oneself no longer completely clueless in life, yet without practice, or a plan, and feeling rather socially vulnerable. "Waking Up Naked" takes up where "I Have Mine... Show Me Yours" left off, completing the memoir. A satirical look at life as it is handed each of us, what we do with what we remember of our social training [...]

A Gringo's Tour of Mexico - The Practical Traveler's Guide
This gringo's tour will take you through thirteen states of Mexico, with your own tour guide leading you through every step necessary to navigate through Mexico as if you had been doing it all your life. All the necessary documentation requirements for travel through Mexico as well. You will come to get a feel for daily life in Mexico and what to expect along the way. You will be shown the royal [...]

Living On Dreams
Book of Poetry ~ Two CollectionsPoems in open verse of life in Mexico, finding love, and observations on social perspectives from an American living in Mexico. The poetry is an attempt to address complex thoughts and social experiences using simple language. It is the author's intent to connect the reader to the poet's experiences through these poems.

In The Age Of Youth - Two Collections of Poetry
"In The Age of Youth" is a book of poetry consisting of two collections of poems, written between 1973-75 and 1978-1981 respectively, when the author was a young man and the world was a different place. The poems touch on social issues and prevailing thinking of that time, as poets tend to do. The first collection "Journey From The Child" focuses on a time with small children, life in the woods [...]

The Story of Teeny Tiny Tammy
Teeny Tiny Tammy is a Fairytale story about a young girl in a mythical forest, who's mother was swept away when she was quite young, leaving her to find the path to womanhood on her own; with the help of three women characters within the "Contrariest Forest". Teeny Tiny Tammy is but six-inches tall, and with the assistance of the cloister of women she meets along the path of her quest, learns the [...]

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