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Books by Barbara Henderson

Author Barbara Henderson

Choosing - Soul Wars Trilogy Book One
Malachi (Mal) and Ann Jones are siblings raised in a non-Christian home. Their father is an unbeliever, and their mother believes you just have to be 'good enough' to get into heaven. Ann's life takes a drastic turn when her picture is put in her high school yearbook under the title of 'Most Common'. Soon afterward Ann makes contact with a familiar spirit (or spirit guide) through a Ouija game [...]

Walking - Soul Wars Trilogy Book Two
Beginning five years after book one (Choosing) in the 'Soul Wars Trilogy' Malachi Jones is still at war with his sister AJ because of their different beliefs. Mal is a committed Christian who is attempting to walk in the paths of righteousness. AJ is committed to herself. She seeks and follows the advice of her familiar spirits Cabiri and Zisa. When Mal and AJ's father Frederick has a massive [...]

Everyday Prepping for Beginners
This book is written from a CHRISTIAN WORLD VIEW. If you are not a Christian, or if you are hostile to Christianity, then you will not enjoy this book so please don't buy it! Preparedness for 'The End of the World as We Know it' The Harbinger of doom has emerged with evil predictions regarding the future and left you thinking about developing the habit of preparedness. You are at a cross roads [...]

Oh Worship the King
Elizabeth Newton was wondering why she - a widowed grandmother - had let one of her late husband's friends talk her into spending months at an archeological dig in Iraq. Nothing had been found, and nothing was going to be found. That was her opinion from the very beginning. She couldn't wait until her time was up and she went home to those grandchildren that looked so much like their grandfather. [...]

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