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Author Roger Penney

The Minor Prophets
The Bible is like a jig saw puzzle. The pieces all fit together to make some marvellous pictures, stories and wisdom. All the big questions are answered, it will work in practice, if we let it, and there is a marvellous consistency without any mistakes. Regarding the Minor Porphets they are possibly the most least read portions of the Sacred Writings. This is sad. necaise they are indeed very [...]

The Seven Parables of the Kingdom
It is a matter of common wisdom that the parables were to explain or illustrate the teaching of the lord Jesus Christ. However that is not what He actually said. Most people did not understand Him. For instance when he fed the five thousand, the people followed Him because they thought they might get another free lunch. He pointed out the real teaching about the True Bread which came down from [...]

Nietzsche, A Simple Man's Guide
Was he mad, bad or just strange and deluded. For Post Modernists he seems to have the answer in The Overman, in German as the Ubermensch. Ivan Karamazov in Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky said that, "if God is dead then everything is permitted". Aleister Crowley said much the same thing. "Do what you will." The Marquis de Sade lived this out by hiring prostitutes and torturing them to [...]

More First Century Close Ups
Short stories based in first century Palestine during the Roman occupation. People and events concerning the life and work of the Lord Jesus. Insights into the characters and personalities of people at that time, from High Priests to brigands, citizens, peasants, fishermen and soldiers. Historical fiction - not your usual Bible stories.

Girl on the Bus
The girl, I spotted her, as she got on at the Guildhall; it was her, I just knew it was. But I also knew it was not her it could not be her. I am an old man now and she who I thought it was is an old woman. An old man gazing as a girl on a bus thinking of what might have been. There is more. Read how we watched the people, all the different people, from a cafe window. Read how their stories [...]

Herod, Statesman, Commander & Builder
Biography of King Herod the Great, it argues that as a man of his time he was not always the monster he is portrayed to be. He was a very gifted man, a statesman who was a valued friend of the Emperor Augustus and a faithful supporter of the Roman Imperium. He was a brilliant military commander and rivalled his friends the Emperor and Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa as an archiitecht and builder. He [...]

Mow - The Story of a Piratical Tom Cat
The story of a piratical Tom cat that used to fight dogs. He hunted mice and birds and dominated the whole feline population of the area, being very popular with the ladies and populated the area with black and white kittens. These are the stories of his adventures and is written for adults and children alike.

Meetings and Encounters
This is a second edition of my paperback, First Century Close-Ups. It is an ebook whereas that is not. However it is more. It is a horrible example of what not to do in publishing. We had published More First Century Close-Ups as a paperback but thought we could us the internet. The retailer we published through with print on demand did nothing to help publicise. Why should they? In short we [...]

Dry Bones
Imagine you have been wounded in the fighting in the East and you are no longer fit for front line duty with the Infantry of the Waffen SS. Imagine that you are patrolling the wire surrounding a Nazi style Death Camp. You feel betrayed. You were one of the elite, and infantryman, a front line soldier and now you must work with the despised Einsatz Gruppen who herd the prisoners to and from their [...]

A Simple Man's Guide to The Last Days of Socrates
If The Republic is, as some scholars say, purely Plato's thought, then it is also reckoned that The Last Days is an early book by Plato and more nearly contains what Socrates himself thought, said and taught and how he taught it. Essentially Socfrates loved to argue. However he did it to draw out his victims and his friend and take them on a journey or course of reasoning which was aimed and [...]

Simple Man's Guide to Plato's Republic
This is full of my opinions. I am moderately happy with the common academic interpretation of the analogy of the cave, the divided line and so on but on many other things I am not agreed. This does not mean I am wrong and others with differing views are right, nor that I am right all the time. Perish the thought. It was written for those many who may look up on an internet encyclopaedia, a [...]

First Century Close-ups
Stories based on incidents or characters described in the Gospel narratives of the New Testament in a style which gives the reader a clearer awareness of what was happening and a deeper understanding of the people involved. In particular they help the reader to see Jesus with greater vividness than ever before.

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