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Books by Delena Epstein

Author Delena Epstein

Dr. Janeen Corbett's day begins like any typical Thursday morning, with traffic reports and the news until 7:01 a.m., when people across the world begin to collapse. Boston is ground zero for "the occurrence," perhaps related to an X3 solar flare forty-eight hours before, the strongest in recorded history. Satellite and communications are knocked out and thirty-four million people in the United [...]

Broken (Homeless)
Amanda Morgan is not your typical twenty-three-year-old woman. She's half-demon, half-angel, and if that's not bad enough, she's made a deal with the devil. If she loses, she forfeits her soul. She has agreed to present Lucifer's bargains to unsuspecting humans, but she insists they have all the facts, good and bad. Amanda questions her ability to do the job properly because she's never been to [...]

Amanda Morgan lives a life of seclusion, her only companion her art, until she meets Gracie, whose unbelievable story of her descent into homelessness takes them both on a journey of discovery. Amanda learns that many of the homeless she sees walking the streets, laying on park benches or vents above the subways have made a deal with something evil. In exchange for making their dreams a reality, [...]

Second Chance
On a planet named Zantlamont, millions of light-years from Earth there are alien beings who have monitored Earth since its birth in the Universe. Returning from their last trip to Earth, their Scientists ascertain in the year 2224 that the Earth's Sun will become a Red Giant. Alpha, a designated Anthropologist who reads the memories and minds of humans, wants to save the Earthlings. However, he [...]

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