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Books by Eva Caye

Author Eva Caye

Nobility (To Be Sinclair)
Prince Matthieu Sinclair, the Heir Second, has many duties; he must not only take space duty in the Service, he also establishes the Imperial Protocol Academy to educate the multitude of Imperial youngsters in the basics of their lifestyle, since he will be the Emperor of their generation. Yet to find a lady who could withstand the pressures of being his Empress is a formidable task! When he [...]

Loyalty (To Be Sinclair)
How dangerous is it to be Imperial? Princess Anne Sinclair is unsure if she is in love, while her brothers Prince Christian and Prince Brian have a hard time finding ladies they can trust, and their strenuous duties keep them from really exploring their love lives. When Anne, a stargate scientist, is caught in a space battle, she does the right thing, but at what cost? Meanwhile, Christian fights [...]

Dynasty (To Be Sinclair)
Princes Stefan, Josef, and Evan Sinclair find themselves under the extreme stress of learning their mother's ultra-secret stargate science, for she gives little thought for their private lives. As they also struggle with their University educations, the personal pressures they suffer manifest in emotional problems. Will their paramours understand? Yet it all pales when their mother Empress Felice [...]

ROYALTY (To Be Sinclair)
Crown Prince Zhaiden Sinclair's duties include working with his father the Emperor, as well as assuming the galactic interface of the Empire, so how much time can he spend with his listless son, who can't get over the absence of Zhaiden's ex-wife? Enter Renee Delacorte, a child psychologist who captures Zhaiden's heart! But Zhaiden's life grinds to a halt when his ex-wife perpetrates a horrific [...]

FEALTY (To Be Sinclair)
Prince Phillip Sinclair is what you would call a 'properly' paranoid Imperial scion, mistrustful of everyone but his family. He finally discovers a true friend in Lord Alex, and together they start a Fight Club of trustworthy Royal men. Just how much they trust their Fight Brothers is evident when they inevitably begin dating each other's lady relatives! Yet not all goes well in the love lives of [...]

MAJESTY (To Be Sinclair)
The greatest scientific discovery leads to the deadliest weapon ever devised! Empress Felice Sinclair finds herself the focus of public debate and political squabbles, all while struggling to assimilate her Imperial duties. However, it takes real determination for her to find time to pursue a suggestive scientific mystery in her personal laboratory. And when her research leads her to develop the [...]

Dignity (To Be Sinclair)
What will the greatest ruling family in the history of the galaxy be like? Lady Felicia Sorensen, a brilliant microengineering student, finds herself pressured to date Emperor Victor Sinclair, for he has fallen madly in love with her. Despite being showered with extravagant gowns and attention, she longs for a fascinating life as a scientist, instead of the stressful and dangerous destiny of an [...]

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