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Michael Mardel

Frack off - Trouble in the High Country and the Kimberley (trouble the water)
Civil disobedience When is it OK? What can you do as one person? Meet Willow who lives in the high country of Victoria, Australia. It's hot in summer and very cold in winter. Her mother is a single Mum who has escaped to the hills though she doesn't want her daughter to miss out on her schooling. Once she borrowed a metal detector and found some gold on her back doorstep. She hopes there's more [...]

A Seahorse Tale
Are mermaids real? What about seahorses? This is a magical tale of a seahorse who is in love with a mermaid who has fantastical tales from luring sailors to a watery grave to educating the seahorse on some historical women like Joan of Arc. The Rainbow Serpent from the Aboriginal dreamtime turns up and frightens the seahorse. She is busy making the Great South Land, namely Australia. Thus it is a [...]

Paul O'Leary - trouble on the farm
Meet up with Paul as he has two moves, from the city to a farm. Join him in his one room school and his extra chores on the farm, mowing lots of grass and training his dog, Lassie, not to chase the sheep. He has a few dream adventures, including being a fireman as a real bushfire approaches. Will he be able to cope with the blaze? It's a great big place where Paul ends up with his dog and his [...]

The Diary of a Babydyke in Transition
This is a teen's blog of her journey into accepting she is a lesbian. She can't tell her friends and she hides it from her family. She ends up at a party after work where there are only women. She is so uneasy and organises a lift home. She has a gay cousin in Perth and asks to join him. They go to a few night spots though it's usually drag shows. She eventually finds work in a cafe and is happy [...]

Australian short stories for boys (& girls)
10 short stories of 10 middle grade boys having an adventure. Some stories are historical, some are set in Australia. There's a mermaid romance in Girl in a Red Dress, a golden son from the Goldfields, a ball boy in Game, Set, Match, horse training in the Brumby, refugee children in a Long Way to Freedom, high seas and Lord Nelson in All at Sea, and a traveling man in Flames and Wells and Sacred [...]

The Journal of Paul O'Leary - from the city to the outback.
Book award winner. A boy's adventure, from cool temperates to the tropics. Follow Paul as he and his Dad and the dog leave Melbourne in Victoria to join up with his mother 4,000 kms away in the tropics of Broome, Western Australia. Paul does pretty much everything that he did in Melbourne, plus joining the scouts and learning to play tennis. School starts an hour earlier which means there is more [...]

Paul O'Leary - overseas adventures
6 countries in 6 weeks. Paul O'Leary is on his third trip in this trilogy, going to all the places overseas where his father has been. He is travelling with both his parents and they have their moments of stress as well as adventure. The story includes a few Internet places and how to navigate your way around strange cities. There's some out of the way places like St. Brigid's Well and Tower in [...]

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