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Author James Minter

The Unexpected Consequences of Iron Overload
Jimmy Kavanagh has a genetic condition where he absorbs and stores iron from his diet over and above the body's requirements - Haemochromatosis. He is unaware of this, but as time progresses, with increased iron levels he exhibits many unusual traits : oxidisation (rusting), becoming magnetised, and having strong bones (excess iron is stored in bone marrow). Through various childhood experiences [...]

A Tunnel is Only a Hole on Its Side (The Hole Trilogy)
British Humor at its best Book II of the Hole Trilogy This book follows in the tradition of great British classics, such as Fawlty Towers, Blott on the Landscape, and other brilliant examples of British eccentricities at their most ridiculous and enjoyable. The novel continues the ongoing animosity between Colin Griggs and Major Woods, who are at loggerheads following their previous encounters. [...]

The Hole Opportunity (The Hole Trilogy)
Colin and Izzy Griggs' traditional farming way of life is under threat from red tape from Brussels and Whitehall. Taking inspiration from a doughnut, Colin sets up a "Hole Farming Business". His first job is to supply 18 holes for the newly refurbished golf course. Colin's ineptness leads to a number of incidents surrounding the grand opening, creating an arch enemy of the Club's Captain: Major [...]

Billy Gets Bullied - Bullying (Billy Growing Up, Volume 1)
Suitable for boys and girls aged 7 to 9. In this first book of the Billy Growing Up series, Billy Field is uber excited at his approaching tenth birthday. Not only is it his first double-digit birthday, but he'll be ten on the tenth day of the tenth month a once in a lifetime event. Billy's invited his best friend Ant to his party. They're having a magician who's being assisted by Max, Ant's [...]

Billy Knows A Secret - Secrets (Billy Growing Up, Volume 8)
For 7 to 9 year old boys and girls. Keeping secrets safe can be a burden for a child. Children need to be able to confide in a responsible adult. Help your child understand the impact that keeping secrets can have on all those involved. Billy Field and Ant Turner are asked to keep a secret from Max Turner, Ant's sister, about her upcoming birthday present. What starts off as innocent fun, ends up [...]

Billy Wants It All - Money (Billy Growing Up, Volume 7)
For 7 to 9 year old boys and girls. Children, usually driven by peer-pressure, want the latest toys, electronics and clothes, but have little understanding of the value of money or where it comes from. This is essential knowledge for later years. Billy wants a new skateboard and games controller, but doesn't understand why he can't have them bought for him. He doesn't pay anything towards other [...]

Billy Saves The Day - Self-confidence (Billy Growing Up, Volume 6)
For 7 to 9-year-old boys and girls. A lack of self-belief inhibits a child reaching their full potential. Help your child work towards becoming the best they can be. Billy Field is given an opportunity to act in the school play, but he tells himself he can't do it. He convinces himself that he'll never learn all the lines. Feeling unsure and vulnerable, he thinks of all the ways he can get out of [...]

Billy Helps Max - Stealing (Billy Growing Up, Volume 5)
For 7 to 9 year old boys and girls. Stealing or theft is taking something without permission or payment. Help your child realise stealing is not an acceptable thing to do. Max Turner, Ant Turner's younger sister, decides she wants to be more like her older brother and do boy things. She starts by painting her pink girlie bike green, but then thinks what it really needs are go-faster stickers. As [...]

Billy And Ant Lie - Lying (Billy Growing Up, Volume 4)
For 7 to 9 year old boys and girls. Lies are told for a number of reason but most often to avoid getting into trouble. Help your child realise why telling the truth is always the better option in the long term. Billy Field and Ant Turner mess about on their way to school, and stop to buy sweets. They arrive late, and to cover up for their misdemeanour, they tell their form teacher a lie. As [...]

Billy Is Nasty To Ant - Jealousy (Billy Growing Up, Volume 3)
For 7 to 9 year old boys and girls. Jealousy only really hurts the person who feels it. Help your child to understand how this emotion stands in their way to feeling happy. Billy Field and Ant Turner are involved in a school production. Billy believes he deserves the most attention, and the prize for being the better student. When his best friend Ant receives both, he feels jealous. For Billy, it [...]

Billy And Ant Fall Out - Pride (Billy Growing Up, Volume 2)
For 7 to 9-year-old boys and girls. False pride makes a child feel so important that they would rather do something wrong than admit they have made a mistake. Could pride be playing a part in your child's negative behaviour? Billy Field says something nasty to his best friend Ant Turner, and they row. Ant goes off and makes a new friend, leaving Billy feeling angry and abandoned. Billy's pride [...]

Billy Has A Birthday - Bullying (Billy Growing Up, Volume 1)
For 7 to 9 year old boys and girls. Is bullying an issue in your child's life? Do you want to make your child bully-proof? Billy Field celebrates his tenth birthday with his school friends, but Eddy is upset at not being invited to the party. When Billy receives a special present from his granddad a twenty pound note Eddy finds out, and wants it for himself. Using bullying tactics Eddy takes the [...]

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