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Books by John Black

Author John Black

The School Bus
Frank Rivers was an elderly man, from North Carolina, who drove a school bus for 45 years. Living a harden life, each turn seem to bring more sorrow and hardship. Having enough, he was now determined to drive across country in one final trip to California, sowing hardship and blessings to those he came in contact with. Toby Wilson from Maple Valley Minnesota, was abused at home, and picked on at [...]

The Prism Waterfall - John Black
Inside Cover: Mr. Black an experienced Dominant, with over twenty years in the BDSM lifestyle, is able to incorporate his real time knowledge and experience in the rewarding lifestyle, it's his wish you enjoy reading this erotic novel. There is BDSM and sexual content in this book, for mature adults for 18 and older. Abigail Archer a young woman, who is use to getting everything she wants, but [...]

The Other Side of Obscurity
Amanda Cooper a corporate lawyer, was very career minded. Looking forward to a promotion at the main office, a car accident hindered her plans. Odd dreams began to invade her sleep. Always on a foggy cliff, talking to a stranger, who was this man named Cort? Once recovered from the accident, bad things began happening to her, she couldn't explain. Life was starting to get unbearable. The dreams [...]

A Western Story
A Western Story, is about a young woman named Hannah. Going to a boarding school she leaves behind her father. The following year she returns to find her father dead, the ranch in shambles. Who does she turn to, for help? Would the unlikely meeting of a stranger in such trying times help her? Warren Payne a land baron, is quite interested in the property, but does his son, Clayton hold the same [...]

V Serial Killer - John Black
The year was 1955. Scott Major, a World War 1 Veteran and later a police detective for the Gulfport Texas. He was enjoying his retirement, when his last partner, Detective Steve Collins asked for his help, in solving a serial killer case. Coming out of retirement he quickly learned he was not the detective he was before. He was still feeling guilty of working long hours, when his wife died of an [...]

Two Goats and Linda
Two Goats and Linda is simply a comical novelette, about a goat who was inspired by a billboard of a mountain, talking his two siblings into traveling from Florida to the state of Washington to climb a mountain. Along the way they encounter some difficulties. The receive help for some children along the way, and a few adults on their last leg of luck. The encounter and inspire a high school [...]

Short Stories and Twisted Tales
These short stories are of a variety of suspense and mystery. Read about the people in these stories and learn of their twisted fate of things unexpectedly. 1. Reflections: About a little girl and her magic crayons - 2. The Stranger: A Confederate soldier has some encounters with a odd fellow. 3. The Ultimate Game: A young teen becomes engrossed with a old video game. 4. The Last ride: A young [...]

Chivalry 2 Rise of the Paladin
Ride with Prince Samuel. Journey with him, facing challenges that face him and his kingdom. He restarts the Tilbar Order a chivalrous group that aids others by escorting others, guarding artifacts. Celebrate with him his victories, mourn his losses learn of his friends and family, in this epic fantasy!

Chivalry is about Sir Samuel, and what he was, a well bred knight. He lived for a challenge and challenged what he lived. Little did he know that by helping a ailing baron dying of a mysterious illness, or so it would seem just a illness, that it would turn his life upside down and tear his world apart. His Chivalry takes him to enchanted places, where he is exposed to magic, monsters, duels, [...]

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