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Books by Adam Moon

Mage Rage
Every sorcerer on the planet will lose his or her mind at some point in life. They become overwhelmed by their own power and go on a deadly, mindless rampage. When this happens, they must be taken out. Shondo, the greatest sorcerer alive, has just raged and it's up to a rag-tag group of misfit warriors, led by the enigmatic Rowdin, to destroy him before it's too late. But there's more to the rage [...]

This is a 100 page novella: It started with the elderly. They went nuts and started eating people. The nerds are calling it the zombie apocalypse but I think that's just so they have an excuse to commit murder. My wife worked at Shady Hills nursing home and it raged out last night while she was on duty. She wasn't among the dead so I know she's out there somewhere. I don't care that she's [...]

On Friday an ethereal voice spoke to all of humanity as one. On Monday John Graven woke up with most of his memories gone. As he uncovers the truth, the world begins to fall into chaos all around him; and it's his fault. There's an ominous force out to destroy him but if it succeeds, all of humanity will be forsaken.

Bad Jack
Jack has been brought in by the government to study strange objects. These objects are dangerous to the touch, but not to Jack. When his superiors discover he can interact with the objects, he's brought even further into the fold. Soon he's introduced to bizarre creatures that just a handful of people have ever witnessed. His simple life has turned into a freak show. And it only gets worse.

Sundown Chomp Chomp
Werewolves! They're everywhere! In the fifty years since the outbreak, what's left of humanity has learned to cope, but it's not always easy. Jack's a cop who protects werewolves from hunters. Since half the planet's infected he has his work cut out for him. Ironically, as he's tracking down these hunters, their would-be victims are in turn tracking him down. As he discovers what caused the [...]

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