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Books by J P Mahoney

Author J P Mahoney

Guide To Improving You - Depression, Self-Esteem, Intimacy and more...
When you are happy, laughing and enjoying everything life has to offer it's a lot easier to see most things in a positive way. Pleased with where you are in life, enjoying the company of friends, and intimacy with that special person couldn't be better. The soft touch of lips, passion in a touch, and making love leaves an impression for days. Then, like a blink of an eye, you're sitting there, [...]

How To Make Money from Home
Have a bill coming due? Not quite making enough to cover all the bills? Want to get rid of that second or third job? Stop searching, stop falling for the information giving you hundreds of pages of B. S. In this book, I give you a few methods to make money quickly and several methods to generate a lasting income that will give you a lot more freedom. Best of all, in this book you get methods the [...]

Welcomed - To our bedroom
Jason Darrick and Sara Niles finally marry. Certainly, a journey that wasn't easy. Family, friends, and a boyfriend create many detours and obstacles to overcome, yet, nobody was able to keep Sara from the adventures, parties, and passionate, sometimes distasteful sex Jason was well known for. Life takes a turn, sex became more than just Jason and Sara, good, bad? She has yet to decide as Sara [...]

Mortal Strike - Misuse of Power, Curruption, Fate...We the People
If anyone is going to change this overpowering government, put a stop to the corruption within the FDA, and knock wealthy corporation back down to size, it will be Steven Sloth, more commonly known as "Smoke."Kristy Wise a longtime friend and a woman that will waste no time getting closer to a man she has not seen in years eagerly joins in on the venture, hoping to remain close when it is done. [...]

Get the Oral Sex You're Craving: Tips and Tricks that won't bruise his ego
Finally! A book written to help women get the oral sex they deserve. No more few seconds and back to pleasing him. No more longing for pleasure while he attempts to satisfy you. Let's face it, some men just lack the experience and when you try to tell them, they withdraw and rarely return to try again. In this book you will learn how to guide him to all the RIGHT spots and have him begging to be [...]

Know the Players Before a Relationship
How many times have you thought "This is the one?" How often have you heard "You're better than any woman I have ever been with?" Do you find yourself choosing all the wrong types of men? Many women believe they can spot these types of men from a mile away. However, those guys that are clearly noticeable, still learning the techniques. A man that has yet to perfect the skills and sends signals to [...]

Secrets Of Lissa - Secrets Revealed (Volume 2)
Scott and Lissa may have married, but, the sexual adventures only become more exciting. A bisexual ex-wife with a handsome, well-built significant other, horny couple as good friends and a gorgeous middle aged boss heat sexual encounters up for Lissa. Scott certainly doesn't mind after confessions to some of her secrets. Finding new feelings for an ex, Scott has questions needing answers while [...]

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