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Author Charles Frankhauser

Billy Bob Handsome lives at Texas Mile Marker 103. He learns that The White House is known as The Peoples' House, so he moves to Washington DC. A White House staffer recognizes him in a Georgetown bar from the sound of the Texas tang in his voice. Gloria Gorgeous was named Jane Jones when she lived at Mile Marker103. A torrid love affair draws Billy Bob into accepting a secret assignment to lead [...]

Frankenstein Goes to Washington - 2020
A reporter interviews Max von Frankenstein during a question and answer session to learn if Max intends to run for The White House in the 2020 election. Slick Sam, known by his associates as Scam Man, plans to manage the campaign. Max von Frankenstein was assembled from body parts by a German doctor that fled to a castle in Peru after the Second World War. Max's thoughts and actions are [...]

Whose Boy Are You? - A Memoir of a Young Boy
"Whose Boy Are You?" is a poignant memoir of a young boy whose family life is shattered by his parents' unexpected and sudden divorce. After being shuffled around and living with different relatives, he lands in the care of an elderly-childless couple that are distant relatives unknown to the boy. Their guidance helps him when he needs it most and proves to be life changing. The memoir is both [...]

Atlantic City Nazi
Historical fiction set in the late 1930's captures the glitter of Atlantic City, New Jersey on the eve of WWII. U-Boats train for action along America's coastline. A showgirl uses her charms to entice a young man into espionage; petty crimes lead to major crimes including murder, bank fraud, kidnapping, and a tragedy of epic proportions.

Slush Pile Inspector
Slush Pile Inspector is fiction based on the adventures of the founder of Buster's Literary Ink & Paper Works in Savannah, Georgia. Forced into joining the publishing industry by a motivational speaker in biker bars, Buster Scooper finds his way into Presidential politics and takes a secret job working in the basement of a major New York City publisher.

Miss Williams
A coming-of-age true story presents the life of a boy traumatized by failure in school, living with dysfunctional relatives and divorcing parents. Miss. Williams, a fifth grade teacher, empowers him with the self-confidence he uses to succeed in life. Her last words to him were, "Someday you'll thank me." His adventures are filled with unexpected events that come together with startling life- [...]

Tango Boat Dancers
From the earliest of times, leaders encouraged groups of people to accomplish difficult tasks. Issues associated with maintaining high levels of morale were critical to the success of the tasks at hand. During the 1930's, an Admiral seeks advice from a psychologist in regard to maintaining high levels of morale among sailors serving long tours at sea. A male and two female naval officers lead a [...]

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