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Books by Mary Anne Graham

Author Mary Anne Graham

A Magical Forever (The Forever Series)
Of late, Peter Crandles couldn't manage to swive a woman - not even a doxie at a Of late, Peter Crandles couldn't manage to swive a woman - not even a doxie at a brothel. The whores would gladly accommodate the handsome and wealthy future Earl of Standings, but the bloody houses had to stop disappearing first. He couldn't get the deed done with an accommodating widow or a servant at a ton [...]

Dangerous Relations - The Office Ink
Dipping your pen in the office ink can spell - MURDER. The Ballinger Law Firm had one longstanding rule: no one could dip their pens in the office ink. The rule was never a problem until Gemma Marshall walked into a job interview. From the instant she entered, both Ballinger brothers were interested in much more than her legal aptitude. When Gemma walked in for her interview Mark Ballinger had [...]

The Duke Of Eden
The Complete Novel - Also Available In Serial Form: Brand Ellsworth turned down his father's viscountcy in favor of the dukedom held by Aaron North, a close family friend who had a three-year-old daughter but no son. The price of the rise in rank was his betrothal to the daughter, Adria. At the time it seemed a small price for a big gain - even if Brand had to endure Uncle Aaron and Adria's inane [...]

Dangerous Relations - Griffin's Law
Grey Griffin is a law school professor. He's also a player with as many secrets as ladies' phone numbers in his Blackberry. He'll only make two promises to a woman - abundant pleasure and that she'll never be the only one he shares it with. Grey's not a big believer in rules, except one - he'll never get involved with a student. It's become known as Griffin's Law. And as sure as God made little [...]

A Sixth Sense of Forever (The Forever Series)
The Duke of Sedgewick's best friends asked for a favor - they wanted him to teach their little sister about sex. He should have said no because if it went too far, he might love her to death. Beneath the famous Sedgewick honor lies an infamous secret. Despite popular wisdom, Sedgewicks do fall in love - they just can't marry for it. The unbroken line of unions for wealth and power wasn't spawned [...]

A Golden Forever
As a half-breed who would never belong to his tribe, he sold himself for food, shelter and survival. As the Savage Lord who would never belong to the ton, he sold himself for social acceptance. As a man with nothing left to lose, he's learned that survival doesn't mean as much as self-respect and he'll never sell himself again. Keeping that vow might cost him his heart, his soul and his future. [...]

A Faerie Fated Forever
A faerie curse promises that one perfect love awaits Laird Nial Maclee. To claim its passionate promise, he must find his fated lady while avoiding the traps, snares and schemes of females lured by his position, looks, charm and the blasted legend. A single misstep will condemn him to his father's fate - a lifetime of craving the love he can never have nor ever forget. Despite his vow never to [...]

Dangerous Relations - Seducing The Billionaire
(Formerly Titled - E-mail Enticement; The Billionaire's E-mail Seduction) In seeking to avoid his family's tradition of falling in love at first sight, Greek Billionaire Alixander Angelis stepped right into fate's twisted path. His ex's bed hopping wins his freedom from his marriage, but Alix doesn't want freedom from Rachel, his ex-wife's much younger half-sister. He plans to dabble in romance [...]

Brotherly Love
What bondage is stronger than family ties? What is more erotic than desire hot enough to sunder such sacred bonds? After her Mother dies with her fiancee, Jessi goes to live with her almost-stepfather's sons, the Jamison brothers. She grows into a tomboy and is sent away to learn to be a "lady". She learns her lessons too well, and returns as a temptress who inspires the eldest, Jake, to a [...]

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