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Books by Arwen Jayne

Author Arwen Jayne

Trust and Destiny (Left Hand Adventures Book 3)
Long ago Kiana was warned of the fate that awaited her. Bravely she kept her secret and met her destiny. Caught by the enemy she is frozen in crystal and falls to earth at the start of the last great ice age. Now her mate must find her but there's been a melt. Now she's under at least a hundred feet of water and no one's sure of her exact location. Entombed in the ocean she's still able to make a [...]

A Lick of Immortality (Left Hand Adventures)
Sally suddenly finds herself with an urge to prowl the night and jump onto roofs but she doesn't know why. Her boyfriend looks like he's smitten but has to go away for several weeks. Only a couple of the town's immortals seem to know why and they're not telling. Amongst all the goings on an immortal trapped in stone in a crystal lined cave in the Himalayas seems to be part of the puzzle but he [...]

A Simple Nuts and Bolts Guide to Yogic Meditation and Relaxation
A short and simple do-it-yourself straightforward experiential guide to yogic meditation and relaxation for straightforward people. It's for those who want to practise meditation for its benefits without having to join a religion or attending expensive retreats and without having to learn a heap of Sanskrit words or obscure terms. Terms that are given are fully explained and are provided for [...]

Heart of Stone
A romance for those who believe that beyond the conditioned self we are all one being. Part sci-fi, paranormal, fantasy and romance verging on erotica. Thex and his team, a higher dimensional galactic defence force, were imprisioned in stone 100,000 years ago by evil aliens. Simon has been watching over them and the families that guard them until humans evolve to the stage they can help with [...]

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