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Books by Chris Vaca

Author Chris Vaca

What Kind Of Society Are We Leaving Our Kids
What are we doing to our children? What kind of world are we leaving them? Everything is done because of political correctness these days, it does not matter what is right for our kids, as long as it is politically correct. Well I throw political correctness out the window in this book and I say what needs to be said. You might agree, you might not agree, it doesn't matter, I am pissed off and [...]

Age Should Never Be An Excuse For Not Succeeding
I originally wrote this book after I lost my mortgage business because of the great housing crash, losing just about everything I had at the age of 57. Even though things are much better these days, a book with such a topic will always be needed. Whether you have lost a job or a business, you need to know that there is a way back no matter what your situation might be. People need to know that [...]

Real Men Eat Salami
How many times have you heard that there is a war on women? Too many times I am sure. But men, we know different, we know that the real war is on men, not on women. Over the years I have watched men tuned into wussies, with great sadness I might add. But enough is enough, that's why I wrote my book titled Real Men Eat Salami, it's a handbook for men, women not allowed. As a matter of fact, I even [...]

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