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Mother, Me and Mantel
For a long time, I've felt the urge to share my story. Writing it has been a painful and yet a cathartic experience. Much of the initial part of the story was buried deep in my mind. Trying to bring those memories to the surface and present them in a coherent way and in some sort of chronological order has been challenging. Later parts of my story were easier, as I had diaries to refer to.With my [...]

The Door
The Door, is a cosy mystery. Not so much a who done it, more how and why? Renee could only watch as her sister Cadi slowly deteriorated. Why would someone once so full of life, suddenly become sick and in need of constant care? What caused Cadi's husband Ted to fall ill and suddenly die? And what was behind the small locked door in the library? Renee had so many questions and as yet no answers. [...]

Rat Run
Rat Run, is a children's fantasy, akin to an Aesop's fable. In essence, love conquers all. Timere cowered in the darkness. The ground beneath the trees shook, as the monsters thundered past. Their blazing yellow eyes and angry roars sent a shiver of fear through Timere. Scurrying to safety, he huddled under a shrub. Clutching the long grass in his paws, he held on...afraid he would be blown away [...]

Gathering Storm (Through a Glass Book 2)
A few years have passed since Irene left Stagman and returned to her own world. In that time, her love for him has not diminished. Driven by desire to be with him; Irene goes in search of her painting, Through a Glass. Sold in an exhibition, Irene has no idea where it is. She must find it! The painting is a portal, her only way to return to the man she loves. But will he be waiting for her as he [...]

Through a Glass
Irene, a gifted young artist, always paints with a mirror strategically positioned behind her, as an aid with perspective. As she puts the finishing touches to her latest painting, and studies its reflection in the mirror. She is shocked to see an extremely tall man, half hidden by the trees staring back at her. Irene had not placed a figure in the painting. So who was he? Where did he come from? [...]

A Rat and a Ransom
Tom ran as fast as he could along the forest path, his leaden legs refusing to go any faster. He was sure the kidnappers were after him, but he dare not stop and look back. Frantic with worry he put his hand inside his jacket pocket and felt for her, but the pocket was empty. In despair he shouted her name. It was always the same dream and each time he awoke at the same point, gasping for breath [...]

The Shadowed Valley
Two things inspired me to write The Shadowed Valley. First the death of my sister, and second my love of Pilgrims Progress. The book is about a traumatic journey from darkness into light. It is written in honour of my sister, Celia. The Shadowed Valley is suitable for youth/adult. It does contain mild horror. Due to loss of memory and circumstances she can't understand, Celia finds herself being [...]

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