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Books by Marciano Guerrero

Author Marciano Guerrero

Titans of Philosophy - Descartes, Kant, Rousseau, Nietzsche, Sartre
From my adolescence to my golden years and calmed old age, the reading of philosophy has always been a happy companion. My first serious encounter with philosophical ideas occurred when a friend lent me a novel Nausea published by Jean-Paul Sartre, the French philosopher. Fresca is still that afternoon of my youth when I read the novel from beginning to end on a bench in La Recoleta square in [...]

How to Write Novels, Short Stories, Articles and Blogs - For the self-taught, self-made, self-starter, and ambitious reader
This guide is about the writing of riveting novels, short stories, articles, essays, blogs, and other non-fiction genres. Our method of writing isn't found in any of the traditional textbooks written by theorists, scholars, successful and unsuccessful editors and writers, as well as writers' workshops, and writers' conferences.So, don't for a minute expect a "How to" traditional guide to writing [...]

Titanes de la filosofia - Descartes, Rousseau, Kant, Nietzsche, Sartre (Spanish Edition)
Desde mi adolescencia hasta mis anos dorados y sosegados en la senectud, la lectura de la filosofia siempre ha sido una feliz companera. Mi primer encuentro serio con ideas filosoficas ocurrio cuando un amigo me presto una novela publicada por Jean-Paul Sartre, el filosofo frances. Fresca aun esta aquella tarde de mi juventud cuando en una banca de la plaza de La Recoleta, en Lima, me lei la [...]

Seven Essays of Interpretation of Peruvian Reality (Translated and Illustrated)
The Seven Essays given the marxist approach very little assimilated, by then seized the imagination of the Peruvian people, and later, of the entire world. With scholarly patience and the insight of a surgeon for a self-taught writer who never attended college or a university he touched the raw nervous centers of Peru. By examining symptoms, analyzing palliative cures often erroneous he made it [...]

Elizabeth and Essex - A Tragic History
Torrid, tortured, and notorious as romances go indisputably was the affair between Elizabeth I, Queen of England, and Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex. It started in 1587, when she was fifty-three and he was merely nineteen. The affair lasted five years. Essex was beheaded for treason in 1601. The book brilliantly exposes the details that led to Essex's demise. A master of the English language, [...]

Saint Manuel, Martyr
Saint Manuel, Martyr explores deep religious and philosophical paradoxes that question the meaning of life and death. In sum, the novel portrays a simple man without faith, who in his solitude, loneliness, and suffering sees that faith is merely an illusion, a dream that the common man dreams to fend off the terrible truth that only the brotherhood and nature in this world counts that there's no [...]

Confessions of Zeno
In 1907 novelist James Joyce was engaged as Svevo's English tutor in Trieste, and in the process they developed a friendship. When Joyce read Svevo's novel La coscienza di Zeno (Confessions of Zeno), he was so impressed with it that he encouraged the writer to publish it, and later helped to promote it. While Joyce became enthralled with the latest novelistic techniques particularly the stream of [...]

East of Tiffany's
This collection of short stories provides a rare insight into the lives of characters that populate the streets of the Upper East Side of Manhattan. East of Tiffany's features riveting stories about actors, bankers, warriors, cops, industrialists, executives, and and why not? their beloved pets.

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