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Books by Eric Drouant

Author Eric Drouant

Origins (Remote)
A Paranormal Thriller loaded with Suspense, Action and Adventure - A Top Secret government program uncovers two young psychics with unheard of telepathic ability. In a world where knowledge is power, Cassie Reynold and Ronnie Gilmore could prove to be the ultimate weapon in the raging Cold War. Neither wants any part of it. When evidence of their paranormal ability grows, two men will battle to [...]

Horror Murder Life War - 5 Short Stories (Living in Eric's Shorts)
A collection of five short stories by Eric Drouant covering horror, murder, war, and life in general. 5 Reason you should Add To Cart - "Something About 5B" - A horror story that leaves you wondering. And it's only the beginning. "Corners" - A story of murder. Or is it public service? It's hard to tell. An unusually personal look at the corners in our lives that make all the difference. [...]

An old man in a hospital bed has a rather unique way of looking at things. And what lies ahead. Authors Notes - "Machines" is another short story that came off the cuff when I had a picture in my mind and built a little scenario around it. My take on life is split into two different directions. I think we can determine most of what happens to us, at least to a large extent. But I'm not blind to [...]

Something About 5B (A Horror Story)
Evil has to live someplace. Authors Notes - "Something About 5B" is a little horror short story I came up with one day reading the news. I read an article on the website for my hometown about a woman's body being found at the bottom of a staircase. I tossed it around a little bit about all the possibilities of how this might happen. I started the staircase description and it just went off from [...]

Corners - A Short Story of Life Changing Murder
Somewhere in every life is a corner that must be turned, a decision that must be made. Eric Drouant visits a pivotal moment in one young man's life and the months afterwards, months in which things are done and lives are changed on a journey that can't be reversed. From senseless violence to premeditated murder it all starts on a corner during a peaceful summer evening.

Revenge, Redemption, and the Blueberry Douchebag - A Short Story of Murder
Authors Notes - This is actually the result of a couple of different things that just collided. It started as a simple revenge short story. Then it kind of grew on me as I realized I could ask some bigger questions. I've been told that the main character isn't really likeable. But I like him a lot. He's got some good qualities even if he is capable of doing some horrible things. But aren't we [...]

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