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Author Sybil Powell

East Beach
Rod a demobbed Navy officer finds himself alone in a new flat he bought for married life with a girl who left him for another man. As a background to this he joins a small local sailing club and finds a friend with another bachelor called Bill. Lonely and frustrated he falls in with Rose a rich nymphomaniac who owns a large luxury yacht. While she is sexy, demanding and beautiful she is dominated [...]

Both Sides - English and German families at war
This is a story with many tales within it all based in the Second World War. A story that deals with the trials and tribulations of two families one German and one English on each side of the divide. The English family from father down engaged in and about the RAF and eager to support their country. The German family farmers who do not like the autocratic and authoritarian rule of the Nazi party [...]

Tee for two
This is my eighth book and with the exception of the trilogy Evergreen they are all totally different yet all in some way reflect the experiences I have had in my life. Not too long ago I took up golf which stimulated this book and made me wonder about the private lives of professional golfers. They too must have ups and downs just like Gemma in this book perhaps not as strange or dramatic but [...]

The Daughter of Sandstone Manor
The Daughter of Sandstone Manor is set in the 1700's where smuggling and lewd behaviour was common practice. Lady Isobel was witness to her father's murder and threatened by the culprit, an event which led her to leave her family home and take a post as a servant in a hostelry under the assumed name of Jess Newman. The story is a tale of events in her young life from when the she arrives at the [...]

Life with my Newfoundlands
I still have the leads and collars, the feeding bowls of all my Newfies these together with four cigar boxes with their ashes in are all I have to remind me of twenty wonderful years during which they were my constant companions. There are also the few photos on the dining room wall and if you look at my Twitter page you will see them in situ as I enjoy them. It was after I had already written [...]

After Evergreen (Evergreen Series)
Frances Clegg now a mature woman, matriarch of the ever expanding Clegg clan would direct the family through the many crisis's endured by them. With the help of her fortune, the hard-nosed culture earned in her youth and her early life contacts, she had developed Beck End into a business large enough to employ the whole family and more. Billy an itinerant worker later to become a valued employee [...]

Evergreen Woman (Evergreen Series)
Francis Clegg shortened to Fran, had willingly given up a life of success and riches to marry a Lakeland farmer. She had moved out of London to life on a hill farm as a farmer's wife. Fran was rich, very rich, but had to hide her wealth from her husband because of his old-fashioned idea that he should support her. There were many incidents that affected her life. As time went by she could no [...]

Evergreen Girl
Frances not wanted and despised by her mother, and slightly supported by her father. Her young life would have been unbearable but for the friendship of her sister. This is how her early life started. In a house of mixed emotions until after a violent disagreement her mother threw her out of her home. Independence and fortunate circumstances lead to her rise to the top of her profession only to [...]

Seducing Judi
The novel is set in a small Yorkshire industrial town and follows the lives of a war damaged demobbed soldier and the naive wife of a moderately well off self employed consultant. The wife is of Irish descent though born in England, and the ex-soldier is affected by his experiences in Ulster. This sets a love hate relationship which is explored throughout the book. Her boss, husband and friend [...]

Jinya a wilful but otherwise a conventional Saudi girl had her life turned upside down at Abba airport when she admired an English expatriate, Mark Maxwell. Through a series of fateful situations they meet and fall in love, breaking the civil and religious laws of the country. Fighting against all the difficulties they plan their future together, only to be discovered by her brother. He had the [...]

WOMAN2WITCH - She used sex and guile to destroy her men
Maxine after 25 years of a dull marriage used her increasing spiritual powers and her attractive body to advance her ambition. A visit to an isolated small church and the ministrations of Gloria a white witch changed her life beyond her control. Separation from her husband quickly followed allowing her the freedom to explore new opportunities. With the growing friendship of Gloria and using sex [...]

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