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Books by Valerie Bowen

Author Valerie Bowen

This heart wrenching novel will take you into the cruel world of mental abuse. You will experience the suffering and the pain "Tanya" endured throughout her seventeen year marriage. Although the scars of psychological abuse cannot be seen, they run deep. Damaging another human being, especially one you swore to love, is unacceptable. This novel takes you into the life of one victim...there are [...]

The Drifter
When the mutilated body of a young man is discovered on the side of the road near an abandoned house Sheriff Eric Miller is sent into an emotional tailspin. Lack of evidence and the nature of the crime, force the sheriff to call in a special K-9 unit. Fingers are immediately pointed to the only logical person who could have committed the crimes...the drifter. Peter Thomas, the drifter, is far [...]

Mind of a Madman II Evil Stalks
Caleb Talbot, one of the most terrifying men alive, has left behind a bloody trail. Since his prison escape Caleb has done everything in his power to remain a free man. His heinous murders are so evil they are making Charles Manson look like a girl scout. As Caleb's illness evolves he has little or no patients for individuals that cross his path. Murder and mayhem has become a way of life and he [...]

Evil Unleashed (Mind of a Madman)
Caleb Talbot sent to prison for a crime he felt was justified, grew tired of living like a rat in a cage and devised a plan of escape. Unbeknownst to the prison rat, Caleb enlists his aid and puts his plan in motion. Cliff starts a rumor concerning the two vicious prison gangs. Caleb's plan is born; a riot leads to an all-out war. Caleb's escape marks the beginning of his path of heinous murders. [...]

Retribution (For the Sake of Amelia III)
Retribution brief synopsis...Life for Amelia has changed significantly with the help of her loving husband Kyle. Unexpected news from deep within the Kansas prison walls has disrupted the Talbot's lives once again. With the eminent release of Amelia's ex-husband Ray, and his vendetta, the Talbot's are forced to do something drastic. An unexpected change of events has caused Amelia's life to [...]

Inhibition (For the Sake of Amelia II)
After having to fight her captor for her freedom, Amelia tries once again to return to the strong woman she was before her ex-husband Ray brutally whipped her and left her for dead. Amelia has become terrified to be alone and wants nothing more than Kyle's strong arms to hold her up and protect her from all the evils life has to dole out. The terror she tries to bottle up inside is about to [...]

Tormented (For the Sake of Amelia)
After the brutal whipping of his wife, Ray Parker is sent to prison but not before he threatened Amelia in the courtroom. Just weeks before his release Amelia moves away from the only home she has ever known with the hope Ray won't find her. She knows the threat he uttered in the courtroom was not an idle one. She finds peace and true love on the east coast only to slammed back into reality when [...]

Mind of a Madman III - Evil Redemption
Caleb Talbot has been on the lam for far too long. In his quest for freedom he has left behind a bloody trail that seems endless. His illness is consuming him at a high rate of speed. Every living being that crossed his path has met their demise...that is except for one. Zachary Hines joins Talbot on his murderous rampage. Law enforcement officers Michael Quincy and Jameson think they have [...]

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