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Kamon Therrien

Skunk - Abenaki Legends (The Adventures of Gluskabe Book 4)
Skunk is volume 4 from my illustrated series of The Adventures of Gluskabe. Gluskabe found a friend, someone to chat with and someone who can help when it comes to cooking the meals. The friend's name is Skunk. At the time of Gluskabe legends, skunks were all white and very friendly. Winter comes and it started to snow. It snowed nonstop for days and weeks. Gluskabe tells Skunk that he will go [...]

The Game Bag - Abenaki Legends (The Adventures of Gluskabe Book 3)
Gluskabe's stories are legends of 8000 years old; they are a treasure of common sense when it comes to the relation of humans with the nature. The Game Bag is volume number 3 of my illustrated legend series. In this story, Gluskabe, an Abenaki half god, wants to find a way so he would not need to go hunting every time he gets hungry. Gluskabe has a lot to learn as he created himself as a grownup [...]

Gabriel - I Won't Wear That Dress!
My grandmother did not like that so one day coming from school the garage was gone... Mum never spilled the bean as who threw the toy away but I knew it because my grandmother gave me a doll the same day. When I was older, family members tried to convince me that I needed a boyfriend. And it has been like this mainly all my life. So at the age of 33 years old; I left Canada. I went to start a new [...]

Giants in the Forest - Abenaki Legends (The Adventures of Gluskabe Book 2)
In Gluskabe's time, the squirrel was not the cute little rodent leaping from branch to branch that we see nowadays. It was a frightening beast, the size of the largest bear. "Gluskabe, I'm not afraid of your humans, the ALNOBAK. If they dare coming near my territory I will fight them, I will crush them. I will mash them into cranberry compote!" the squirrel retorted in a threatening tone.

The Coming - Legends of Canada First Nations (The Adventures of Gluskabe Book 1)
The first inhabitants of Turtle Island, name formerly given to North America, were also people rich in legends. One of these famous legends is Gluskabe, the colossal and prodigious hero of the Wabanakis people. This first book of Gluskabe's magical adventures tells you about the coming of our hero on Earth.

The Alien Hair - Random Acts of Kindness, a Golden Key to Your Child's Happiness
Ethan was a shy eight year old boy. He was a middle child with an older brother and a younger sister. Sometimes Ethan wished he was younger like Lily and sometimes he wished he was older like Matt. He hated being the lettuce in the middle of Lily and Matt sandwich, until one day... Was it luck or was it fate that the alien hair landed on Ethan's head?

While - A Story of Time Around the World
As an ex-teacher, I found out that there were very few fiction picture books on the subject of time zones. Maybe because I reside in Asia; I often think about time zones when I call my family because I live 12 hours apart from them. I have been teaching over 25 years in International Schools. I taught many children living in host countries who had to use the time zone concept at quite an early [...]

The Mahogany Dancer - Great ideas that change your life come when your mind is grounded in the present moment
Nangoma lost her parents; she has nothing left. Nothing except her dad's phone, and the dream of becoming a ballerina. It is under the shade of a mahogany tree that Nangoma discovers a free way to learn what she loves. Her positive thinking will change her life forever.

The Onion and the Pearl - The fantastic outside in journey of shaping oneself (eFables Book 7)
If you are familiar with social Medias; you surely noticed already that cat pictures have 100 000 times more "like" than self-improvement and virtuous posts. In a way it is sad because we, all of us, and especially children need to learn that the human mind is not fixed in stone; it is for us to shape it every day. Kids have to learn at a very young age that you become good at what you practice, [...]

Loulou's Choice - Loulou realizes that she can choose not to follow others
Loulou's friends told her that horror movies are cool to watch and a great way to prove that you are not a baby anymore. Loulou picks up the remote while her sister Annie is in her bedroom. "If I don't look now, I'll never know and I'll be a baby all my life." She quickly switched over to the horror channel. Did Loulou make the good choice?

Wally, The Wannabe Pet - A piggy's journey to happiness (eFables Book 6)
Wally story is a thank you to my beloved compassion and gratitude teacher Joan Halifax and the Science of Happiness co-teachers Dacher Keltner and Emiliana Simon-Thomas, Berkeley University. Also thank you to Sonja Lyubomirsky and Barbara L. Fredrickson for their meaningful lessons on the subject of happiness. Children can understand these happiness lessons if we take the time and the heart to [...]

Little Croc Keeps His Promise - A crocodile in a bird nest (eFables) (Volume 5)
A crocodile egg ends up in the nest of Mother Shoebill's, a bird from the Nile river bank - with a large beak shaped as a shoe. When the eggs hatch, one of the hatchlings has yellow eyes and very, very sharp teeth... What will happen? Do you think Mother Shoebill's chicks are in danger with their crocodile brother?

Jay's Coach Learns a Lesson - What can a boy do to stop corruption? (Jay's World Book 3)
Jay is late for his swimming practice, which does not help to put his mother in a good mood. Arriving in the locker room at the pool, Jay overhears his coach and a friend plotting to cheat and take some of the athletes' sponsorship money. What will happen?

Don't Tell Lies, Jay! (Jay's world Book 2)
There is a new online game that Jay and his friend Broody are dying to play, but it's really violent so there's no way Jay's mum will let him buy this game. Boys try to find a way to play without having to buy the game. Jay told his mother a lie, when he goes home to Broody's house to try to download the game; he said he is going to help his friend with homework instead. Let's just hope that the [...]

Who Stole Jack's Axe? - A play script for primary level students
Who Stole Jack's Axe? is a play for students of primary level. I wrote it and I did it with students I was working with this year. Fantastic! The play is fun, it has lots of characters in it that all came from famous stories; The Wimpy Kid, Jack and the Beanstalk, Sherlock Holmes, the East Witch and many more. The cast is balanced in proportions of boys, girls, long and short text to memorize. I [...]

Jay's New Game (Jay's World / Le monde de Jay)
Jay loves playing games on his mobile phone and the new one called Delete Mum promises heaps of fun. But something weird happens, when he deletes his mum in the game, he cannot find her in real life. What is a boy supposed to do without his mum and how can he get her back?

The Mermaid's Son
Fliss is the son of a sailor and a mermaid. One day, while Fliss is still very young, the sailor disappears for some unknown reasons; leaving the mermaid with her three children. It is only years later that the father will find his son. Fliss who does not remember his father; does not know who is this old man who saves his life.

Playtoon and the Crap SMS (KIDS and APPS 4)
Smartphones, tablets and apps are there to stay, we have to learn to use them for the best. More important is teaching kids to do so. Playtoon received a SMS message "I DON'T LIKE U". What would you do? What will Playtoon do? An entertaining story about cyberbullying. Age 8 to 12.

There Once Was a River Stone (Mindfulness for a Better World)
A river stone is dislodged from its riverbed packed in a bag and was to finish her journey with millions of other stones on a sidewalk when something happens. Our stone becomes a superhero when she magically grows legs and feet. She groups with other stones who share the same values and together they will create something wonderful... a step toward mindfulness.

Mother Earth Loses Her Hat and Boots
While writing another book, a friend asked me: "I am sick of seeing garbage everywhere, can you write a book about that?" I replied that I write children's books and my friend added: "Yes a story for children, that is what I mean, write a picture book that all children can read so they can grow into more respectful users of the earth." And a few weeks later Mother Earth was on my working table. [...]

Playtoon and Colonel Lex
Getting rid of the Queen, produce a new generation of microchips implanted ants; this is what Colonel Lex has in mind. Playtoon, a funny and honest worker ant, finds himself drawn into the Colonel's plot. Playtoon has to snatch a Queen's hair for the Colonel Lex DNA experiment. A humorous intrigue, Playtoon and Colonel Lex is volume 3 of KIDS and APPS series. The text and pictures are designed [...]

Playtoon and the BugTube
Playtoon and the BugTube is an analogy for children. Through the eyes of ants, the children will see and understand that when we want to upload on the Internet we need to be mindful of what we are uploading. The story is meant to be funny, highly entertaining and a social lesson highly relevant to our time.

!Oh No! (Life Beam)
Can bad guys do good deeds?!Oh No! is the very funny story of Rittle the snake who takes refuge in a house and finds himself grabbed by the neck by a grandmother. Will he bite her? Can granny be saved from the flood coming? I giggled when I wrote it and you are bound to do the same thing while reading it, enjoy! Kamon

Grob (eFables)
Grob is a grumpy toad and he is bored of living in a small garden with his family. He wants freedom, he wants to go and discover what is on the other of the fence. What is waiting for him outside the garden is what you will find out in reading Grob's dangerous journey into the unknown world. Very well illustrated and colorful, Grob, like others eFables is excellent for reading on mobile devices.

Weewee (eFables)
Weewee is a cute little dog who behaves the way he sees others behaving. A funny story that will make children giggle and that open them a door to wisdom, towards thinking before doing. Beautifully illustrated, the book is ideal for electronic readers and mobile devices. Weewee is the third in the popular series eFables, bound to be Children's Best Books 2013!

Clint the Lint Keeper (eFables volume 2)
Misadventures, bad luck or just having a bad day, are normal events, part of everybody's life. As Clint goes on a journey, things start to happen. His first reaction is to shut down and keep bad memories alive in his heart to avoid further trouble. When this does not work, Clint learns from his cousin that a heart has to be cleaned often to keep a happy and open mind. A wonderfully illustrated [...]

Viktor in Love (eFables)
Viktor the tortoise is a great fighter, a kind of ninja. But when he wants to befriend the beautiful Lola, he has to figure out who he is and what he really wants. Viktor in Love is the first of a series of children's stories designed to entertain children and to teach them mindfulness regarding mind, body and the environment. These essential skills aim to help children shape their future in a [...]

Playtoon and the AntPod
Playtoon is a funny character. She is a bit like usY she loves the AntPod. She cannot get enough of it. Fun has no limit and Playtoon forgets her duty. What used to be means of communications are being turned into toys. The only difference is that they are really cool, and can make you skip a meal, a friend, or homework. Electronics toys are there to stay; we just have to learn to be mindful of [...]

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