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Books by Barbara Fox

Author Barbara Fox

Viewpoints on 2020 - Articles, Essays, Poems, Plays by several authors
A collection of articles, essays, poems and plays from different authors about how they are dealing/coping with the pandemic. Barbara Fox wrote several plays on the subject Including "The Visit" (a couple is reluctant to have company) "QuickMeeton Zoom" (a virtual dating service) and "Mothers, Daughters, Friends" (homeschooling) and she invited other authors and friends to contribute their plays, [...]

Mystery Is Served
Thirteen short mysteries. for adults and children who like to solve mysteries Who stole the lucky guitar, the expensive jewelry, the lottery ticket? Who used the credit card? How did the baby-sitter stop the robbers? Where is Uncle Arthur's money? These crimes and several others are waiting to be solved before you read the solution on the next page. Thee are also thirteen mini- mystery problems [...]

A is for Ants In Fancy Pants
A fun, little book of simple four stanza rhymes using the alphabet starting with A is for ants and ending with Z is for zipper. The cartoon characters for each letter make the rhymes easy to learn and repeat. The book is a fun and simple way to both learn the alphabet and practice rhyming words.

Alphabet Rhymes - Ants in Fancy Pants
Take your children along on a learning adventure with this cute rhyming alphabet book. Teach them ABC's the fun way with this adorablly illustrated book. Good for teaching colors, animals and shapes as well. Many different games you can play with your children while reading this book.

Murder Is Served
Several crimes have been committed ... Can you solve them before reading the solution? MURDER IS SERVED TO ... Roberta Reed, a snoopy newspaper reporter, Mark Dolermain, a lawyer with a specialized government agency, Janie Jason, a student studying to be a detective, Marty Sparrow, a security guard and owner of The solve-it Detective agency and A.R., a professional homicide detective. They are [...]

Mysteries In The Inn (Murder In the Inn) (Volume 4)
A collection of short mysteries featuring Sandy Evans, owner of a bed and breakfast inn in Miami Beach, Florida. A famous author is poisoned (Moving Is Murder), guests are held hostage by a pair of car-jackers (An Ordinary Day) a clown is murdered (Pickleball is Murdered), a neighborhood jeweler is stabbed and every guest at the inn had a motive to kill him ( A Jewel Of A Murder) and a [...]

Murder in Another Inn (Inn Series)
The third in the Murder in the Inn series. Sandy Evans, the owner of a bed and breakfast inn in Miami Beach accidentally books three events, a Passover Seder, a mystery club meeting and a book signing, on the same night. All events go smoothly and just when Sandy is breathing a sigh of relief, a dead body shows up in the kitchen! Sandy decides to participate in the police investigation; she has [...]

Act Two for Three
A little book about the friendship between Jenna, the actress trying to adjust to life as a widow, Natalie, who chose a career instead of marriage and Liz,wife/mother/grandmother/volunteer/former cabaret singer. They think their lives are settled; they don't expect any drastic changes but they are in for some surprises. Travel, internet dating,family problems, new friends, computer classes, a [...]

Murders In The Inn - Three Mysteries in One...Murder In The Inn, Another Murder In The Inn, Murder In Another Inn
Three Mysteries in One! Murder in the Inn introduces Sandy Evans, the new owner of a bed and breakfast inn in Washington DC. She believes that the former owner's death was murder, not an accident and she sets out to prove it. Another Murder in the inn takes place during a fitness and exercise week at the inn which is interrupted by a murder and Murder In Another Inn finds Sandy moving to Florida [...]

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