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Books by Gary Showalter

Author Gary Showalter

A Primer on Roses
A short, entertaining, but very detailed introduction to planting, pruning and caring for the Queen of Flowers. Written for the beginning or amateur gardener who wants to plant a few roses in his garden, this little book will provide all the background knowledge and step-by-step instructions needed to select a location, purchase the plants and get them into the ground so they will have every [...]

Lonesome Cove (The Big Bend)
Terry Rankin isn't so sure about his new client, Gianni Lupo. Gianni is an old man, just released from prison after serving the full twenty-five years of a Life sentence for a double murder in Miami. But Terry figures the man's paid for his crime and now he'll spend his declining years tottering around his home on Sanibel Island. Terry isn't sure why Lupo feels the need for armed bodyguards, but [...]

Twisted Key (The Big Bend)
Terry Rankin has a new client; Fatima al Natsche, a Muslim woman living under a sentence of death for her work on behalf of women suffering under Islamic law. Terry's not a religious kind of guy - he'll protect just about anyone who can pay the freight. In fact, he admires Ms. Al Natsche and the sacrifices she's made to get her message out. But then her daughter flies over from Norway and gets [...]

Hog Valley (Terry Rankin)
Terry Rankin is the owner of Rankin Protective Services Inc, in Orlando, Florida. It's a small company with a few very nice contracts. Terry has a meeting scheduled with Travis Warren, at his horse ranch just north of Ocala. He has invested a few months in negotiating for a very lucrative contract to provide bodyguard services to Mr. Warren and his family, and this is the morning when all of that [...]

The Big Bend
The day begins like any other: Terry Rankin, sole proprietor of Rankin Personal Security Services in Orlando, Florida, accepts a private meeting with a potential client. Sheila Adamson is looking for a bodyguard to protect her from her abusive husband, but Rankin refuses to take the job until she begins divorce proceedings. Moments later, Mrs. Adamson is dead and Rankin is buried beneath the [...]

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