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Books by Stuart Aken

Author Stuart Aken

War Over Dust (Generation Mars Book 2)
War Over Dust by Stuart Aken is the second in his Generation Mars series, and sequel to Blood Red Dust. The Chosen and their offspring enjoy an atheist democracy where justice, peace and harmony are served by an advanced technology that controls almost all daily life. The citizens of Marzero slave under the power-mad and greedy Elite, whose only concerns are personal gratification and profit. [...]

Blood Red Dust (Generation Mars Book 1)
As people struggle to survive in an increasingly hostile climate on Earth, plans are afoot for the preservation of the human race. Mars, already occupied by commercial mining interests, is the only viable option. The Chosen are sent to colonise the new world and germinate the seeds of their new Utopia. But dark forces not only want to halt the plan, they want to see the end of all human life, [...]

M.E. and me - Chronic Fatigue - My Recovery After 10 Years
Having had ME/CFS for ten years, Stuart Aken has now recovered. In his concise book, you'll find information, advice, and a very personal story of what it is to suffer the condition and, more importantly, to recover from it. You'll discover a message of hope for all concerned. So, whether you're a sufferer, or carer, friend, relative or colleague of someone struck down with the condition, you'll [...]

The Methuselah Strain
As the Prime Renegade plans the disabling of automatic systems that support the dwindling human population, she seeks a man to love and to father her child. The usual route of artificial insemination appeals to her about as much as the materialistic and hedonistic philosophy that now drives most people. And, secretly, forces designed to serve mankind develop a sense of superiority that might [...]

Convergence (A Seared Sky Book 3)
Book 3 of Stuart Aken's 'A Seared Sky' series. Wise woman, Ivdulon, finally discovers how the world is in danger, but only young Tumalind, a gifted female mindtalker, has the means to save it. Dagla Kaz, fanatical High Priest, fights to prevent changes that will undo all his power and prestige, engaging with evil forces to get his way. Aklon-Dji, fighting to save the future of his islanders, [...]

Partings (A Seared Sky Book 2)
Mistake follows mistake, but the despotic leader is determined to carry on a quest that risks disaster for all but promises reward for him. In spite of signs he may be wrong, Dagla Kaz goes ahead with the pilgrimage. Events expose the unexpected fate of his daughter, Jodisa-Li, bringing violent threat his life. Different versions of history raise serious doubts, but he still pursues the Skyfire, [...]

Joinings (A Seared Sky)
When the Skyfire arrives early, Dagla Kaz sets out for the ancient homeland to harvest a new Godwood and exchange Virgin Gifts. He must lead his pilgrims hundreds of leagues over pirate-infested seas, across hostile lands, and return triumphant before the seared sky dies back to normality. In his father's absence, the renegade Aklon risks torture and death to bring justice to the people. Mindtalk [...]

Heir to Death's Folly
Julie is controlled by Kasim, a fiance desperate for her to inherit Aunt Agatha's great wealth. Hustled into paying the old woman a visit, she learns that the folly, a tower looming over the grounds of the old manor house, holds a treasure chest. She and Kasim, tricked into searching for these riches, enter the folly and soon discover there's more to Aunt Agatha than they could possibly have [...]

Sensuous Touches
A collection of eight erotic stories to stir, arouse, excite and delight you. This mix will take you to exotic places, drown you in sensation, make you laugh just enough; surprise, tease and satisfy you. Enjoy, alone, or with the one or more who share your pleasure.

Ten Love Tales
Gentle love stories for those who like the romance with a smile. You'll find humour, romance, love and joy here; but if you're looking for sex or erotica, this collection isn't the place for it. These are stories to leave you with a warm glow and a smile. Serendipity: Walking back through the wood, dodging muddy puddles left by the morning's deluge, he paused to watch a pair of squirrels perform [...]

Ten Tales for Tomorrow
This collection of speculative fiction, largely science fiction, is a broad selection covering many different themes. The ten stories vary in length, style and content but all are intended for an adult readership. Some have won prizes in international contests and some have been published. But most are new and published for the first time here. Enjoy

Breaking Faith
When innocent Faith places herself in the hands of local glamour photographer, Leigh, she has no idea how dangerous life is about to become for her. As Faith stands shivering before the gates of the notorious Longhouse, she has to ask herself why she is contemplating work with the man her father describes as the Devil's Henchman. Everything in her past warns her that this is move may be [...]

A collection of 25 stories of fantasy and science fiction from around the globe. This collection has been compiled from the winners of the Fantastic Books Publishing International Charity Short Story Competition 2012 and features 2 stories from our professional contributors Danuta Reah and Stuart Aken. 10% of the proceeds of this book will be donated to the WCRF (World Cancer Research Fund - [...]

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