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Books by Steve Bartholomew

Author Steve Bartholomew

Chapel Perilous
The only path to safety is through the most dangerous place in this world. Men pursue Benjamin for his wild talent, which he doesn't understand. His path will lead him to imprisonment, to a lesbian biker chick, a gypsy, and a certified lunatic. Among his allies is a woman from another world. His enemy wants his lunch money. Now come on a journey to the Chapel Perilous.

The Terrorist Plot at Gopherville
They say Bradshaw's crazy just because he talks to his cat and eats roadkill. They say that's why he was kicked out of MIT. He knows better, but he's not saying. Now he's come across a Government secret, a super weapon. Who can he trust to share it with? There are all these agents running around looking for it. To make matters worse a beautiful woman turns up seeking revenge. Now even the Sheriff [...]

Ariella, a heroic tale
Sometimes a magic lute is more than a magic lute. Minions of an evil ogre have stolen Rymer the troubadour's lute. The lute's name is Ariella. Rymer needs her for his livelihood. He thinks of Ariella as Her, not It. In fact he believes his lute is his wife. He sets off to find the ogre and recover Ariella. He will encounter Swine Girl, who will help him. But he first must pass by the Black Duke [...]

Journey To Rhyolite
Nathaniel had his reasons for making the journey to Rhyolite. With a population of ten thousand and growing fast, Rhyolite was the greatest boom town in the west. And he hoped to find what had been taken from him-taken by the snallygaster. Some believed it was simply an old legend from the back hills of Maryland, this four legged flying snake that could snatch away whatever you most valued when [...]

Black Bart Reborn
When Black Bart left prison he figured he'd had enough of crime and Wells Fargo. After all, he'd got time off for good behavior, and only had to do time for robbing one stage coach out of the twenty-eight he had held up. Bart thought he would try his hand at mining once again, and maybe settle down later by running a pharmacy. He also had plans for the woman he loved, Magdalena Ramos. Those were [...]

The Inventor, a tale of Old San Francisco
The year 1880: Young Jeremy Fantom has decided he hates his job as reporter on the San Francisco Bulletin. He especially dislikes having to cover riots and rabble rousers like Denis Kearney and Mayor Kalloch. His viewpoint begins to change when he encounters a strange inventor and his beautiful daughter, Hollyhock. Is her father, Mr Worrell, a crackpot or a genius? Or does that even matter?

Gold - A tale of the California gold rush
Sometimes you bring your own gold when you travel to the gold rush. Marcus Gale wanted only to get out of New York. Now he's bound to California and the Land of Gold. He means to get there even if it means shoveling coal all the way. He's taken a job as stoker on a steamship, without knowing what a stoker does. He finds himself caught up in a conspiracy to take over the ship, robbery, mayhem, and [...]

The Woodcutter
Sometimes finding the truth can reveal more than you want to know.Dana Reynolds came to Nevada after losing his job in San Francisco. Now he's a newspaper reporter assigned to investigate this so-called Indian prophet, Wovoka. Along the way, he learns some things about corrupt Indian agents. That knowledge earns him a beating, and makes him mad. Now he's more determined than ever to find out if [...]

The Imaginary Emperor - A Tale of Old San Francisco
Sometimes the only path to sanity is through madness. San Francisco, 1859. Joshua Norton, desperate to survive, sees madness overtaking America. He has lost his fortune and believes the country is losing its mind. In a flash of insight, he finds the answer to both problems. He will become Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico. He will issue proclamations to make things right.Now [...]

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