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Books by Yosef Albric

Author Yosef Albric

God Want's to be Human (The Consequences Trilogy)
The third book in the Consequences Trilogy, God Wants to be Human really pushes the limits. It explores the reason why the human was created. The suggestion is that God wanted to experience physical being and created the human race as the vehicle for that experience. God Wants to be Human is also an invitation to the reader to explore imagination and free will. It is a unique book in its concepts [...]

Genesis and Janus (The Consequences Trilogy)
Yosef brings together creation myths with modern neurophysiology and recognises common patterns in science, and in ancient religious writings. Following his themes of the limitations of right/wrong thinking he describes what we do, how we think, how languages fit in, and how we relate with each other, and what goes wrong. David emphasises the importance of the return to the deeper (spiritual) [...]

The Devine Pattern (The Consequences Trilogy)
The Divine Pattern explores levels of consciousness. It also contends that there is a dynamic balance in the Universe that every time the slightest change happens the everything has to change to maintain balance. The dynamic balance is explored in relation to various aspects of the human condition. The conclusion that we have an inner knowing that tells us what is needed to maintain the balance [...]

The Wonder of Us
The Wonder Us is a book of short pieces written in a poetic style that stand along, but in sequence lead one to the other to form a story. The story is about learning how relationships work, what went wrong previously leading to a loving relationship both with an earthly partner and with the Universe.

Alternative Relativity
Einstein's theories of relativity rely on two premises. That there is an entity we call time and there is no such thing as Ether (the stuff the Universe was supposed to have swum in). But time does not exist other than a measurement of change, and although scientists may now call it Dark Matter, the Ether may well exist. Einstein got all the right answers for all the wrong reasons. To progress [...]

Alternative Jesus
This is the story of Jesus the politician, the marketing of the Jesus brand by Christianity and the development of the Christian Church. This is the story of murder, conspiracy and betrayal researched and written by a heretic. It bears no resemblance to the official Christian party line.

Alternative Genesis
What if the story of Adam and the Woman in the Book Of Genesis has nothing to do with religion? Suppose instead it is an account of the development of the human psyche? What would it mean to the human race to understand the meaning of "Do not eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil"? Alternative Genesis follows this line of enquiry and comes up with surprising and [...]

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