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Author Elizabeth Bailey

Marriage for Music - A Regency Romance (Brides by Chance Book 5)
A fortune at stake if he does not marry now. Almost anyone will do. Intrigued by the dissolute Lord Wintringham and with nothing but drudgery in store, Lily Daubney dares to contemplate his desperate offer. Sanity prevails. But Vincent's persistence lands her in so much hot water she has no option but to marry him. Delighted with her reward of a fine pianoforte, Lily rapidly discovers the perils [...]

To Catch a Thief - A Short Historical Romance
Accused of theft and facing the sack. Can the infuriating Kenton Lane save Valerie from the machinations of her scheming Cousin Bianca? Or will she be driven nuts by his maddeningly teasing remarks? A frothy short detective story set in the twenties.

A Winter's Madcap Escapade - A Regency Romp (Brides by Chance Book 4)
A fugitive stranger with a shrouded past. Is she who she claims to be? The runaway hiding in Lord Dymond's coach pitchforks him into chaos when he decides to protect young Apple from her own folly. How does the mysterious trust fit into her story? Will her mercenary guardians catch them up before the truth can be unravelled? Is the enigmatic lawyer Vergette a help or a hindrance? Bow Street and [...]

Knight for a Lady - A Regency Suspense (Brides by Chance Book 3)
Weakened by fever. Menaced by a man she loathes. Desperately in need of rescue. Chafed at losing his soldiering life. Burdened with an earldom he did not want. But when Niall discovers the vicar's niece in dire straits, he is distracted into playing the knight errant. Edith, wary of trusting any man, yet succumbs to Niall's unconscious charm. Beset by terrorising tactics, belittled by lies, dare [...]

What's Wrong with your Novel? And How to Fix it
Got a Nanowrimo draft ready to edit? Sitting on a first draft because you're not sure it's good enough? Worry not! Help is at hand. Get the skinny on giving your novel PTQ (page turning quality) This guide gets straight down to the nitty-gritty, with minimal preliminaries. What are the most common problems? How do you fix them? It's as simple as don't do that, do this. Straight from the shoulder [...]

A Chance Gone By - Brides by Chance Book Two - A Regency Scandal
She dreams of him at night, in secret. It hurts to be only his friend. Justin's engagement signals the end of hope. Marianne will never be his wife, though she runs his house like clockwork. Disaster strikes, scandal looms. Dare she seize her chance? Forced into offering his hand, Justin fumes when Marianne inexplicably rejects him. Their close friendship falls apart. Can he bear to watch her [...]

Musings from the Writer's Desk
Writing advice straight from the horse's mouth. Elizabeth Bailey's writing blog Helping Writers Get it Right reflects problems she was running into as well as random thoughts about writing that struck her at the time. She tells it like it is with no holds barred. Sometimes philosophical, carelessly casual and occasionally furious, Elizabeth spits out the truth about being a writer and offers up [...]

In Honour Bound - Brides by Chance Book One - A Regency Adventure
Orphaned. Abandoned in a house of strangers. Forced into ladylike conduct. Berated for mistakes. Unhappy and lonely, Isolde turns to her guardian for support. Is Richard's kindness enough? Struggling with his father's legacy. Appalled to find his ward related to his worst enemy. Will Richard save Isolde or use her for his own ends? And what of his jealous sister? Will her vicious machinations [...]

Mad, Bad and Dangerous
MAD, BAD AND DANGEROUS - Covering an exhibition, journalist Regina Templeton is shocked to find herself under siege by the arrogant artist himself. She counters with a brush-off but Dominic de Lacey is not above using subterfuge to get his own way. Will Regina escape his wiles before her heart succumbs to Dominic's crazy charm? Elizabeth Bailey turns her hand to contemporary romantic comedy where [...]

Out of the Desert Sands - A Short Romance
A Short Romance - Venturing into the Arabian desert in search of her fiance, Millicent Muldaur finds adventure turns to nightmare when she is captured by brigands. Can she hope for mercy from their charismatic chief, Jaffar? Or is she doomed to death or slavery? Elizabeth Bailey turns her hand to a world of scimitars, oases and desert tents, where romance may still flourish for an Edwardian girl [...]

Silence of a Stranger
A Romantic Suspense Novella Secrets, danger and an enigmatic stranger, a twentieth century mystery romance. Is Bea's life more at risk than her disobedient heart? SILENCE OF A STRANGER - Her car broken down, Bea Russell goes for help and walks straight into hell. Three armed men and no answers. Held captive, strip searched, her dignity in shreds, Bea is horrified when she responds to the [...]

An Undesirable Liaison - A Georgian Romance
A Regency Romance Novel - In the tradition of Regency Romance, scandals past and present unravel in the path of destiny. Caught by an overwhelming attraction to her new employer, Florence struggles against temptation. AN UNDESIRABLE LIAISON - To support her young sister and herself, Florence Petrie desperately needs employment. Through the agency of an unexpected valuable find, she ends up as [...]

A Fragile Mask - A Georgian Romance
A Sweet Georgian Romance In the tradition of Regency Romance, a poignant and heartrending tale set in the no longer fashionable spa of Tunbridge Wells. Flirtatious Denzell proves a dangerous temptation to Verena's desire to remain heart-free. A FRAGILE MASK Visiting friends in Tunbridge Wells, Denzell Hawkeridge is struck by the warmth of a beautiful girl playing with children in the snow. But [...]

Just Deserts - A Georgian Romance
A Regency Romance Novel In the tradition of Regency Romance, a fast and furious clean romance with mystery, confusion and clashing personalities. Double trouble plagues the baron when he seeks his fortune via the hand of the nabob's daughter. JUST DESERTS A stormy encounter in the park sets Baron Chiddingly firmly against the newly arrived heiress from India. But Miss Winsford in company is [...]

Seventh Heaven - A Georgian Romance
A Regency Romance Novel In the tradition of Regency Romance, a Georgian romp in a sweet and crazy tale of the poet and the wealthy widow. Can Louisa's common sense save her from falling in with the disreputable gold-digging Berownes? SEVENTH HEAVEN Septimus Berowne, poet, does not expect to succumb to the charms of wealthy Lady Louisa Shittlehope, although his brothers are eager to court her. [...]

The Viscount Besieged - A Georgian Romance
A Regency Romance Novel In the tradition of Regency Romance, an energetic country house tale of tangled plots and counter-plots. Determined to outfox the Errant Heir, Isadora finds she's taken on a tougher challenge than she bargained for. The Viscount Besieged Isadora's secret plan to save her family is frustrated by the arrival of the Errant Heir, with plans of his own. As Isadora prepares to [...]

Fated Folly - A Georgian Romance
He is powerfully male and older. She is a mischievous delight. Clare beards the ogre in his den, and is instantly smitten with Rupert's dynamic attraction. Her brother's elopement ends with Clare compromised. She must marry Rupert's cousin Ashendon, whom she detests, or Rupert himself. The promise of a radiant future evaporates as fate and Ashendon conspire against her. Can Clare overcome [...]

An Angel's Touch - A Georgian Romance
A Regency Romance Novel In the tradition of Regency Romance, a sweet story in the style of beauty and the beast. Verity's freely expressed criticisms drag a brooding reclusive marquis back into the world to learn to live and love again. AN ANGEL'S TOUCH - Outspoken Verity Lambourn berates the mentor of two lost children, having no idea that the lame young man with the vibrant black eyes is the [...]

Friday Dreaming - A Georgian Romance
Shattered dreams and broken promises. Caught between love and loyalty. Friday is bookish and plain, but she has secretly loved her childhood friend for years. The impossible happens when gorgeous Nick proposes, making her dreams come true. Only he isn't behaving like a man in love. Disaster strikes when Friday learns Nick was forced into offering for her to save him from an unsuitable liaison. [...]

Hidden Flame - A Georgian Romance
A Regency Romance Novel by Elizabeth Bailey In the tradition of Regency Romance, a gothic and scandalous tale of passion and a tangled inheritance. Theda's hopes of security fall apart when she becomes companion in an ill-kept and miserable mansion where quarrels abound and her employer is dying. Hidden Flame Seeking shelter from a violent storm, Benedict Beckenham assists a woman as embarrassed [...]

Sweet Sacrifice - A Georgian Romance
A Regency Romance Novel by Elizabeth Bailey In the tradition of Regency Romance, a sweet story with a rakish earl and a chick in pants heroine. A rake's convenient life is shattered when his path is crossed by a beautiful runaway disguised as a boy. Sweet Sacrifice When the Earl of Sothern is set upon by a young lad in the early hours, it takes minutes for him to realise that his assailant is in [...]

A Lady in Name - A Georgian Romance
A Regency Romance Novel by Elizabeth Bailey In the tradition of Regency Romance, a sweet story set in the country house 18th century world of upstairs downstairs. Lucy's world turns upside down when she learns she is the love child of the Earl of Pennington, and not the late vicar's daughter. A Lady in Name On discovering she is the illegitimate daughter of a peer of the realm, Lucy Graydene, [...]

Fly The Wild Echoes
Romance, Intrigue and Murder - A mystery of the mind told in dual time, revolving around the intertwined lives of three women. FLY THE WILD ECHOES - 'Why do you stare from the window, Adelaide? I am waiting, but he does not come.' Haunted by dread and shadows of tragedy, Fliss Gregory is driven to search for answers at a chateau retreat. Who is the strange "Adelaide"? What is the link between [...]

For One More Tomorrow
Back from the dead and lurking in shadow - the real Macbeth versus Shakespeare's villain. Is director Sadie Grey going mad? Or is the Macbeth play really haunted by his ghost? Captured by the spirit's virile and complex character, Sadie struggles to invest the commonplace performance of actor Curtis with the intensity of the true Macbeth. Her direction flounders as she falls under the spirit's [...]

The Conqueror's Dilemma - A Georgian Romance
A Regency Romance Novel In the tradition of Regency Romance, a sweet story set in the glittering social world of Georgian London. The daughter of a social outcast finds the path of true love proverbially rough when she reluctantly falls for an arbiter of fashion THE CONQUEROR'S DILEMMA - The last thing William Westerham needs is his carefully maintained position in Society endangered by the [...]

Mademoiselle At Arms - A Georgian Romance
Secretive, mysterious, beautiful - and armed to the teeth. How can she be in danger? In a deserted mansion with a secret passage, Mademoiselle is searching. But for what? Gerald wants to know. She will not tell him. She is determined to play her game alone and refuses to be rescued. Who is she? Why does she disguise herself as a nun? What is her connection to the emigre Valade? Can Gerald find [...]

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