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Books by J.M. Garlock

Author J.M. Garlock

Knight Hunter - Vampires Book 1 Infection
Imprisoned with her humarf maidservant Layla in his castle by the vampire Lord Manco ruler of the ash-grey kingdom of Urbe on the planet Akela, Lady Aleris sends a plea for rescue by messenger to her husband Lord Parca, ruler of the other half of Akela, sunlit Ramla. Manco and Parca are feuding brothers. Exiled from their mother planet of Kalevi the two kingdoms are separated by a laser force [...]

The Centurion Chronicles Book Three Caesar's Shield
After being treated by surgeons the Centurion recuperates at Caesar's country villa.Caesar is told that mysterous footprints have been seen in the garden. Speculatores? Perhaps but why? The surgeons insist the Centurion will make a full recovery. Quintus is dismayed. Half of the Centurion's right hand little finger has been amputated. Quintus reveals the cause of his animosity toward the [...]

The Centurion Chronicles Book Two The Belgae
Julius Caesar & his army of 30,000 winter in the land of the Sequani. Centurion Publius Baculus recounts the batte of the Rhine River the previous year where Caesar rescued him from the Germans & makes his way back to the Roman camp where he recovers from his wounds. Centurion Baculus & Tribune Lutatius Vitius of the 5th Cohort go on a reconnaisance mission led by speculatores across the Rhine [...]

The Tao of Alligators and Crocodiles
Reviled in the West & revered in the East since time immemorial alligators & crocodiles have historically invoked diametrically opposed reations. Ancient Egyptians & indigenous New World civilizations such as the Maya & Calusa called them living gods while today Chinese believe them to be givers of life & good health. Alligators & crocodiles are the physical embodiment of eternal yin & yang. [...]

The Centurion Chronicles
The year is 58 BC. Centurion First Class Sextius Baculus, a 10-year, battle hardened army veteran is attending his sister's wedding in Rome when he receives word that Julius Caesar's army is mobilizing on the northern frontier near the France-Switzerland border to repel an anticipated invasion by expansonistic Gauls. Joined by his new orderly Marcus, the Centurion races north to join his unit, [...]

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