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Books by Gary M. Martin

Author Gary M. Martin

The end of the track - A ghost story
Frank Guerder writes ghost stories. When a man stops and asks his help about a ghost problem his town is having he is reluctant to go. Though he has a gift to sense unworldly spirits he would rather just write about them. Carla, his agent, however, thinks that it would be great publicity. Frank gives in. Later it will turn into something more than a ghost story.

The Nexus
Special FBI Agent Candace Caine is attacked by her own agents while attempting to pick up a lady for questioning. A firefight ensues. She is wounded but manages to escape. She takes with her a young man who was in the suspect's car. The man seems to be suffering from amnesia. Once she reaches a safe spot, she calls her boyfriend, who is a local detective, to pick them up. Detective Walter Jackson [...]

The entity
A man named Kraskin has suddenly appeared in our world. But he is not alone. Something, temporarily amorphous, has followed him. Kraskin is not familiar with this world but has a name that he has recently learned. He walks to a convenience store. He borrows a phone and calls a Professor Robert Trimball. Not long after Kraskin's arrival, a vicious dog begins attacking farm animals. Sheriff Barry [...]

The dark strain
Trina Dance, who had escaped an abusive relationship following the death of her husband, finds solace in a small town in Florida called Paris Reef. She meets two women and they become close friends. All is going well for her except for the strange dreams she begins to have about an old chemical plant and a cryptic message a man in her dream says to her. In another state, a homeless man who lives [...]

The coming of dark
Troy Dance, a police detective, receives notice from his informant that the location of a big drug transaction has been suddenly changed. It is now supposed to take place in an old, abandoned cotton mill.Troy does not have time to set up equipment beforehand and has to rely on a camcorder he had at his house. In the midst of his filming he witnesses a murder and captures it on film. It is [...]

The old man and the girl
While on a church invite to an upcoming revival the assistant pastor and two children encounter a cantankerous old man sitting on his front porch swing. The old man demands that they stay off his property. He is not interested in what they have to say. Against the wishes of the assistant pastor twelve-year-old Emily Teagle strode up to the front porch to give the man a religious track. In anger, [...]

Demon (Rifts Book 2)
There have been two kidnappings in the town of New Falls. The mayor has warned Sheriff Barry Banes that if he doesn't make some headway on his investigations soon he will be calling in the FBI. When the child of a friend disappears a respected minister becomes a person of interest. Sheriff Banes feels sure that he knows more than he is telling. With only a bit of circumstantial evidence he asks a [...]

A man named Kraskin suddenly appears in the small town of New Falls, Alabama. His arrival is brutal and he falls to the ground nearly passing out. A black dog sees his arrival and comes to investigate. A strange mist sinks into the dog. A few moments later Kraskin loses consciousness. Kraskin begins looking for a scientist/professor that he heard speak on a radio show to tell him important [...]

Mayor Sam Ryker feels that something very sinister is going on in his town of Nexus. Much of the population is suddenly leaving and strangers are quickly taking their place. He contacts a friend he knows in the FBI to ask him to investigate. Special Agent Candace Caine is brutally attacked and nearly killed and she doesn't know why. Through a series of circumstances Agent Caine, a psychic police [...]

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