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Books by Myrna Lou Goldbaum

Author Myrna Lou Goldbaum

CRUISE TO THE OTHER SIDE - A Metaphysical Journey
Cruise to the Other Side is a paranormal book. A dysfunctional mother, Shirley and her daughter Reggie embark on a Caribbean cruise vacation. Reggie has not outgrown her teenage spitefulness or mean spirited back talk, now age 32. They go shopping in St Thomas and have a nasty fight in a dockside restaurant. Reggie tells her mother to return to the ship as she needs alone time. Walking in town, [...]

Soul Mate Connections
This book is written for those curious about human relationships, love and romance. It discusses soul mates, karma, twin soul and life's message. It informs the reader: how to find a soul mate, how to recognize a soul mate, how soul mates react with each other, how they connect, the different levels where they connect and what they need from their partner. Included are 46 Palm Reading sessions [...]

May I See Your Hand? Palm Reading for Fun and Profit
I teach classes in Palmistry and require my book be used as a guide for the students. Anyone can read it and teach themselves this system of palm reading. it is easy to understand and one can digest it it in one sitting. I am on the cover because the publisher wanted an action shot for it. There are numerous explanations and line drawing illustrations for the reader to use. I wrote this book [...]

Diary of a Palm Reader
Beginning in 1956 to 2003, this book records numerous palm reading sessions of people from all walks of life. Myrna Lou Goldbaum learned the occult art medium of Oriental Palmistry as a child of ten. In fifty-three years she has documented over 30,400 palms with an accuracy rate of 90-95%. There are stories of famous people, murderers, a kidnappers, embezzlers, a bigamist, a man abducted by a [...]

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