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Books by B J Mears

Author B J Mears

The Brimstone Chasm - Book Three of the Tyler May series
The Brimstone Chasm is the third book of the Tyler May series. Two years have passed since Tyler, Melissa and Lucy despatched Himmler to the contrap. Trained and better equipped, the trio is anxious for adventure and ready to tackle the remaining Nazi ghosts. The trouble is, Zebedee is acting strangely, the oppressor has gone AWOL and Silvia Bates wants them dead. With two settings on the ghost [...]

The Thieves of Antiquity - Book Two of the Tyler May series
A fantasy adventure by B J Mears. Albert is still missing, news bulletins still refer to the Christmas Eve Incident and a growing band of Nazi ghosts still doesn't know how to stay dead. Fourteen months after London hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, Tyler, Lucy and Melissa are trained, better equipped and working covertly for MI6 to prevent another wave of sinister paranormal forces [...]

The Haunting of Tyler May
As Tyler May empties her classmate's bag she discovers a secret that turns her life upside down and challenges her perception of the known world. She begins a journey that takes her from the hunted to the hunter; from a disbeliever to the keeper of the truth. Will she and her friends have the courage to stand together and face the sinister forces that threaten humanity? As each day passes, Tyler [...]

The Green Ink Ghost
Following their success recovering King Doon's bones, Banyard and Mingle's services are in high demand. But when a mysterious green-ink letter claims Michael's dead father was murdered, he is compelled to reopen a long-forgotten case Pursuing clues to a powerful, clandestine order and a missing young woman, the duo confront vengeful enemies and shocking truths - and then there's Willow, a runaway [...]

A Sock Full of Bones (A Banyard and Mingle Mystery)
Young private detectives, Banyard and Mingle, are out of money and out of luck when a swindled widow presents a life-changing case. As clues reveal a treacherous shipwreck and a rotting corpse in a cage, they are confronted by brutal smugglers and ghoulish gawpers in a mystery that could cost them their lives! However, in a dystopian world of slavery and greed, where silkers rule and threaders [...]

Dawn of the Sister - Book Six of the Tyler May Series
My name is Tyler May. I am nineteen and I'm a ghost haunter. Yes, you heard correctly. Haunter, not hunter. I haunt ghosts by utilising their powers - to fly, look into the past, spy through walls, and communicate with ghosts of the under realms. I know that sounds crazy. It is crazy. And, at times, terrifying... Join Tyler and her friends as they battle enemy ghosts, the insidious gloves, [...]

Ghosts of Redemption - Book Five of the Tyler May Series
A young adult, dark fantasy. This follows on from the previous books in the series and is part of the larger, ongoing story. 'Is it simple paranoia that prompts nineteen-year old MI6 agent Tyler May to place her house in lockdown? War rages, the Ghost Squad is AWOL, her boss has vanished and something dark is stalking her. Simple paranoia? The three special agents are sent to Prague on a new [...]

Gallows Iron: Book Four of the Tyler May series
Book four of the Tyler May series. The balance of the world is shifting. Once an infrequent and disbelieved phenomenon, ghosts are now a fact of life and dark forces are using them. When MI6 agents get a lead on one of the ghostly gloves, Chapman wants his ghost-haunting spy on the case. Tyler, Melissa and Lucy are sent on a deadly mission and discover a secret that could make or break the [...]

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