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Books by J. A. Huss

Author J. A. Huss

FLIGHT (I Am Just Junco Dot Com)
Junco's mission is clear. Go back to Earth, grab all her siblings, and give them over to Lucan so he can save the Avian race. Seems pretty simple for the death-machine team called Aves 039. Their success seems inevitable. Especially now that she's twined to Istan and her and Tier are finally together. Until some guy named Gideon shows up saying they're old friends. And she has no memory of him. [...]

FLEDGE (I Am Just Junco Dot Com)
She is no longer alone. Just more confused than ever. Junco is on the space station Amelia, newly morphed into her avian form, and Tier is on trial for treason for bringing her home. Lucan, her new commander, either hates or fears her. She's not sure which (or if one is better than the other considering she's no longer on Earth). But she can't go back and in order to stay and save Tier from his [...]

CLUTCH (I Am Just Junco Dot Com)
She is alone. Just a girl and her gun. Junco is a trainer sniper with a death wish because everything she thought she knew is wrong. And then one day she meets him. Tier. The alien with wings who seems to know all her secrets including who and what she really is. But her path to the truth is more painful than anything she's ever experienced before. Because it's filled with dark lies, and [...]

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