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Books by Darlene Jones

Author Darlene Jones

Whispers under the Baobab
The old lady is dead, but she could still destroy him. When rebel leader, Sidu Diagho, learns that reporter Flo Mc Allister has died, he knows that her power to destroy him is still very much alive. Flo was with him during the coup attempts. She saw everything, yet has remained silent all these years. But Sidu could still be tried at The Hague for his crimes with her notes the testimony needed to [...]

When the Sun was Mine
Her dream was to go to university. Instead she's in a nursing home hunting a killer. When high school graduate, Brittany Wright, gets a job cleaning at Happy Hearts nursing home, she is terrified of old lady Flo and desperately wishes she could be in college instead. An unlikely friendship develops between the two. Brittany discovers that Flo, who may or may not have Alzheimer's, is in grave [...]

Mali to Mexico and Points In Between
It's amazing where the dreams of your childhood will take you. It's even more amazing the places you'll go and the experiences you'll have that you never could have dreamed of. From my childhood farm to Mali ... from the Canadian prairies to Kenya for a safari ... from the cold and snow of Edmonton to the sun and sand of Mexico ... from a career in teaching to writing ... from under the wheels of [...]

EMBROILED (Em and Yves Book 4)
Inexplicably drawn to the man stalking her, she knows she needs help. School principal, Emily Roberts, can't shake her attraction to the man following her. Scared, she turns to the wonderful Dr. David, but even he can't help her. Real fear sets in when the stalker claims to be an alien who has loved her in other lives. Now, trapped in his perfect heavenly world, she is the only one who sees the [...]

EMBRACED (Em and Yves Book 3)
Controlled by an Alien, Abby must decide if he's real before she loses her sanity. When school principal, Abby Davies, hears clickings in the fillings of her teeth she doesn't understand why she believes they are messages from aliens. Changing the world was never part of her career plan ... but, letters she didn't send bearing her signature are showing up in newspapers around the world. The [...]

EMPOWERED (Em and Yves Book 2)
She's crazy to build her life on childhood visions, but ... Jasmine Wade, rich man's eye-candy, trusts in visions she experienced as a child. In them she "traveled" with a woman facing incredible danger and vanquishing evil. Driven by this ideal, Jasmine is determined to change the world at least her little corner of it. Kidnapped, not for ransom, but to be eliminated, Jasmine must depend on her [...]

EMBATTLED (Em and Yves Book 1)
Gifted with superpowers she can't refuse, her life spirals out of control. Bounced from a jungle battle, to an Islamist stronghold, to a corrupt Columbian trial, Em Roberts, your average school principal, knows that something is dreadfully wrong. Now she must challenge "the voice" in her head the voice that transports her around the world, forces her to face unbelievable danger, and insists she [...]

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