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Books by Michael Bronte

Author Michael Bronte

The Zipper Club
Eight senior citizen who have all had open-heart surgery play poker every Monday night. Their surgery scars all look like zippers, hence the name The Zipper Club. When they learn their property taxes are going up by forty percent, they decide to start asking questions. That's when they and a young TV news reporter uncover a deadly scheme to intentionally drive down property values so an [...]

The Handyman
I was inspired to write this book out of respect for how many of our fighting men had to rebuild their lives after having come back from some war, from someplace far away that they had no idea about before being deployed. It takes a lot of bravery and a lot of loyalty to fight for something you little about except loyalty to your country. As an Army Ranger Jake Blackwell had done four tours of [...]

Homicide - Party of Twelve
Homicide: Party of Twelve takes us to Jersey City where the boss of Chez Alain restaurant has just been gunned down in a drive by shooting. Frankie Fortunato, a hardworking server, moves up to become the new manager. New Jersey State Police Detective, Matt Klimecki, catches the case and leans heavily on the restaurant's employees to help solve it, including Frankie and his girlfriend, Gabby [...]

Presidential Risk
When dead presidents in a supernatural world play the board game of world conquest, their moves are carried out in the human world. Leaders are born and dictators rise to power as presidents past such as Teddy Roosevelt, Abe Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, and others, plot their moves. One of them makes a move, and an invasion takes place on Earth. In the supernatural world, it's about strategy, [...]

Call Me Crash
Few people would consider the department store business to be a dangerous profession. Similarly, not many people would think that a skinny kid from the streets of D.C. would have any fashion sense. It's 1979, Jimmy Carter is president, and Rosenbloom & Starr is a department store empire in which Tom "Crash" Crandall has worked his way up to become floor manager at the flagship store where the [...]

The Dealership
Carmen Madrid finally got his opportunity when general manager Big Tony DeLorenzo moved him from being an air wrench jockey back in the shop to being a hotshot salesman selling Jaguars, Lincolns, and plain old Chevys. Life in Jamaica Queens was good for a while but the commission checks weren't as big as he'd anticipated, and it wasn't long before he was flat broke, looking for other ways to pay [...]

We had just come off one of the most memorable years in American history. Our boys were dying by the thousands in the jungles of Vietnam and the war protests were rocking our world. The assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy rocked it even more. Our cities were being torn apart by riots, and then 1969 slung off '68 like a skater in a roller derby. The Mets and Jets won their [...]

The Brothers
Y.I.T.B.: It means Yours In The Bonds. It was how they signed their letters and their emails to each other. They were The Brothers of Zeta Chi, and they vowed decades earlier that their pledge meant more than having drinking buddies for life. For these brothers it was an assurance that they'd be there for each other in good times and bad, and that their bond would go far beyond the occasional [...]

The Tenth Caller
He'd been up there with the biggest of them, shock-jock extraordinaire, on the biggest stations, in syndication in every major market in the country. It had been quite the fall, all right, his last gig ending when the station manager didn't accept the fact that jail time was a valid excuse for not showing up for work. With good behavior, he was out in two years, but he'd become a media scum at [...]

Lost Friday
It's Saturday, September 25th, and the entire town of Sea Beach, New Jersey, has no recollection of what happened to Friday the 24th. Reporter Johnny Pappas is among the baffled residents, as is Chief of Police Roy Mulroney. It's only when Johnny discovers the abduction of high school quarterback David Robelle that the fog over this mystery begins to lift. The evidence leads to the unfathomable [...]

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