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Books by Nicola Cuti

Author Nicola Cuti

Starflake joins the Deep Space Rangers (Starflake the Cosmic Sprite Book 7)
When General Chu offered Starflake the position of Deep Space Ranger Cadet she wasn't certain she was ready to give up her freedom of traveling anywhere in the galaxy at her whim. Her fellow cadets harassed her and when she scored the highest rating in her every test, she was forced to into hand-to-hand combat with the lead tormentor, Corporal Ogre. While she was training, a deadly force was [...]

Starflake picks the Junkyard Planet (Starflake, The Cosmic Sprite Book 6)
Taking off on her rocket-cycle, Starflake is set for a visit with her girlfriend, Tauristar, at the Deep Space Ranger Academy, when the engine quits. Her bike is caught in the grip of the gravitational field of the Junkyard Planet. She crash lands but falls into a stack of tires, saving her life. However, her cycle goes up in flames stranding her on the planet. The mysterious character called the [...]

The POWER BEAST crash lands on Starflake's asteroid and steals the Starbabe's dragon, Molly, to make her escape. Starflake is determined to get Molly back and when the intergalactic hunter, Beowolf Gent, tracks the Beast to the asteroid, Starflake decides to joins him in the quest to end the Beast's reign of terror. Along their trek through the galaxy, Starflake encounters a variety of beings, [...]

Starflake aboard the Doomed Ships
The luxury passenger starship, Alpha Centuri, accidentally pulls a ship out of an antimatter universe and the ship, called the Beta Centuri, is linked to the Alpha. The two ships, a gravity ship and an anti-gravity ship, are held to each other in perfect balance, but if either ship waivers even a hair from this unholy alliance then they will touch and annihilate each other. Hundreds of lives are [...]

Starflake rides with the Galactic Bikers-Revised (Starflake the Starbabe Book 3)
A training mission to the unexplored planet Kafka turns deadly when a class of teenage Deep Space Ranger Cadets encounter ALIEC, an ancient, insane computer left behind by an alien civilization. With their minds now controlled by the mad computer, they turn on their friends, the only four cadets to avoid control by the computer, and who must now flee the planet on home-made rocket cycles. As the [...]

Starflake on Thrill World Volume Two
Boss Grebe has promised to rebuild the zoo, amusement park and Children's Hospital on the planet that used to be a haven for sick kids. The children from the hospital are depending on him, but Starflake has uncovered a terrible secret. She must stay alive long enough to expose this evil to the Deep Space Rangers, but she is only one girl fighting against a gang of cutthroats bent on capturing the [...]

Starflake on Thrill World Volume One
Thrill World used to be a paradise when it was first built by Jonas Grebe. It contained a children's hospital, where children from all parts of the galaxy could come to be cured of alien diseases, and while they waited, there was a planet-wide zoo filled with creatures from across the universe and an amusement park packed with rides in the galaxy. But now, the planet that used to be a haven for [...]

Moonie Goes To War (Moonie the Starbabe Book 4)
The new batch of Starbabes, on the asteroid Eros II, were dying from a plague. The only one who could save them lived on the planet Sapphire, which was at war. Poppa sent Moonie to pick up the doctor and stay out of the war. But when Poppa joined the war, what else could Moonie do, even though her crew was more treacherous than the enemy.

Moonie in Too Many Moons (Moonie the Starbabe Book 3)
The Starbabe, Moonie, who can live in the vacuum of outer space without any life support systems, embarks on one of her most complex stories. She begins as a robot involved in retrieving the valuable jewels "The Eyes of Hub" for its true owners. The robot Moonie is dissolved during the caper but her friends, the Captain and crew, deliver the precious stones after her destruction. The original [...]

Moonie vs Phobia, The Spider Queen (Moonie the Starbabe Book 2)
This is a Graphic Novel version of the text novel, "Moonie and the Spider Queen". The first, of three chapters, will soon be a movie "Moonie and the Spider Queen, Episode One". The plot follows two interplanetary grifters, Perry and Torry, aboard the starship. "The Big Bang", who run into Moonie, the Starbabe. This voluptuous cosmic pixie can live in outer space without any life support [...]

Moonie in the Slave Market of Opuul
While swimming nude in the waters of the planet Poseidon, MOONIE, the busty Starbabe, who can live anywhere without life support, is taken captive by a gang of pirates and sold to a slave market. When Rangers attack the market, Moonie and her new found friends take the opportunity to shoot their way to freedom. But freedom can hold a greater danger than slavery, especially when her first mission, [...]

Moonie and the Spider Queen
Lusty little Moonie can live in the hostile environment of outer space wearing little more than a smile. She hates wearing clothes and does so only for modesty's sake. When Moonie's scooter-meteor crashes into the starship, the Big Bang, Perry and Torry entice the sexy Starbabe to stay while they secretly plan to sell her to the big business corporations on Earth because her survival ability is [...]

Starflake Rides with the Galactic Bikers-Screenplay - Space Opera Adventure
Starflake is a spunky little girl who can live in space without life support. When a rogue gang of Deep Space Ranger Cadets recruits her for a dangerous rescue mission, she agrees. All she has to do is fly to an alien planet, crawl through a winding tunnel, filled with poisonous gas, and blow up a mind controlling computer before the very people they had come to rescue end up killing her and her [...]

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