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Books by Allen Gregory

Author Allen Gregory

Twice Fooled - Book 2 of the Linchpin Trifecta Series
Fool her once, shame on her. Fool her twice, you're dead. Prior to becoming one of the three principals of the "off-the-books" security organization known as Linchpin, Serafina Ferrari served Linchpin in a unique capacity. Teamed with Hercule Girard, the two of them wrought swift, sure, and final justice to some of the most despicable predators in the world. A formidable team, their fates were [...]

Hijacking Hellfire - Book 1 of the Linchpin Trifecta Series
Long before Flint Stryker came into the picture, the man known only as Seven, was a core member of the "off-the-books" security organization known as Linchpin. This select group of men and women, find themselves involved in a dangerous game of hide-and-seek with an embedded terror cell and a rogue Iraqi scientist in the aftermath of the second Gulf War. Racing against the clock, these seven [...]

Hell's Handmaiden - The Flint Stryker Thriller Series - Book 3
An unhinged cult leader bent on remaking the world in her image is just one of the perils facing Linchpin operative Flint Stryker in his latest adventure. Beset by threats on multiple levels which threaten to rip apart the fabric of society, Flint seeks to neutralize an old nemesis who is intent on sowing worldwide chaos and financial ruin. Hell's Handmaiden is the harrowing third installment in [...]

Arctic Ambush - The Flint Stryker Thriller Series - Book 2
Injured, freezing to death in a collapsed cabin in the Canadian Northwest territories, and talking to a moose head - another day in the life of Flint Stryker, right? Poised to begin his career as an undercover operative for the secret organization known as Linchpin, Flint Stryker embarks on training designed to equip him to deal with the challenges of being an undercover operative - if it doesn't [...]

Lessons Learned - The Flint Stryker Thriller Series - Book 1
Murder, kidnapping, and employment with an "off-the-books" group that handles domestic terrorism sounds like an interesting career choice, right? But suppose you want nothing to do with it? Perennial party animal, hard-core slacker, and committed underachiever Flint Stryker discovers that an unexpected career opportunity may cost him his life as well as the life of someone he loves. Discovering [...]

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