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Books by Mariam Cheshire

Author Mariam Cheshire

THIS n THAT - Mariam's Stories
Mariam looks back over her 92 years and wants to leave a legacy for her family that follows. By telling her stories, she leaves a picture of her times. She tells of her struggles to publish and her excitement over a success. These were all published in small magazines in those early years - adult fiction with a happy ending, pre-teen stories to show the way to go, and children's adventures set in [...]

THERE'S NOTHING I CAN'T DO - Fred's Story - Continuation of the Fred Cheshire biography,
June 7, 1977: Fred, a school teacher, 32 years old, dove into a pool, broke his neck and became an instant C-5/6 quadriplegic spinal injury. After six months in the hospital, he bought a home and a van and continued teaching.His losses -- walking, holding his arms above his shoulder, using his hands to pick up a glass of milk -- were overcome with mechanized equipment. His struggles with health [...]

The Alternate Safe World of Sanctuary
Sanctuary Bulletin 511 pictured a safe wonderful 1972 world. Evangeline rode the bus to the walled city, not knowing what to expect and ready to fight any obstacles in her path. She found allies who helped in her determined search. The underground world almost stopped her. Love did not enter into her plan and she pushed it away. A forgotten manuscript, covered with dust, came to light after 42 [...]

Lifes and Loves of MYRT-TY-KY-LY Dragaan Princess
Myrt-ty-Ky-Ly returned to Planet Earth to tell the Drak history - the heretofore untold story of Dragoons and Dragaans coming to teach survival skills to the lazy PALE-STICKS. Young Louey in the depression years of the 1930s wanted a friend who knew the answers. She chased the golden Dragaan in a leaking rowboat on James River, but Myrt-ty would only tell her "When you're older." A few more years [...]

Worries Won't Happen - Fred's Story
Fred's life until the age of 32 and that life-changing day of the diving accident. As a child, living on airports and in poor neighborhoods, the family always moving, Fred learned to adjust. With a never-satisfied pilot step-father, Fred took his escape in books and mastering chess. In San Benito he found and lost the girl of his dreams, learned to ride a Brahma bull and to sell used furniture in [...]

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