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Books by Mark Anthony Tierno

Author Mark Anthony Tierno

Cyberdawn - Beginnings
What if every conspiracy theory you'd ever heard of was true... and it still wasn't enough. Earth is entering a new age of peace. No weapons, countries ready to put down their armies, every home benefiting from megacorp generosity, but if you're Black Jack Hannigan this sounds a bit like fattening up the calf before the slaughter. He's seen them, creatures straight out of mythology. Winged [...]

Maldene - Volume One and Two
Maldene as it was meant to be, with the original Volume One and Volume Two integrated together into a single book the way the first novel was written to be read. The entire first novel of the Maldene series is now packed into this one single ebook, and it's a whopper of an epic story... Maldene is a world of magic and science, wizards and dragons; but home also to an incredible secret. One [...]

Maldene II - Mysteries Of Olde
Of all that Sabu and his companions discovered in the bowels of Thir Tyorca, a simple looking map was the most mysterious. An indestructible map in an unknown language that starts them on a quest to seek out answers from the fabled Great Sage at the Foot of the World. And yet, these answers are only the beginning, for it puts them on the road to the most incredible secret anywhere on or off [...]

The U.M.I. Corp. Connection (Inspector Flaatphut Book 2)
A follow-up novella to "Project Looking Glass", this time Inspector Flaatphut has teamed up with Tiffany Grace Lewurt; an orange-furred manx that skirts the wrong side of the law that Henry's supposed to stay away from. Their first date isn't going too bad until things don't and Henry finds himself being chased around the city before he even discovers what it's all about- and all because his [...]

Project Looking Glass (Inspector Flaatphut Book 1)
In a future world where Man has uplifted a variety of species to two-legged sentience, the problems that have plagued the world have only gotten worse. Enter Inspector Henry Flaatphut of InterSpec; a former computer hacker now stuck at what amounts to a desk job, he has a 300-pound badger for a boss, a wise-cracking computer named ICy, and a pretty 5-foot feline named Miss Calico for a secretary [...]

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