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Books by Victoria Roberts Siczak

Author Victoria Roberts Siczak

Paradoxical II - Prophecies & Premonitions
Paradoxical II: Prophecies & Premonitions, continues the exploration of the unknown. In a three book series, Paradoxical I: Angels & Apparitions, introduces the strange beings and creatures that inhabit the outer realms and dimensions...that are connected to our world. Now portals have opened, and these apparitions have come into our domain. Have they come to deliver messages, or have they come [...]

Paradoxical I - Angels & Apparitions
"Paradoxical I : Angels and Apparitions" explores the possibilities of ethereal beings inhabiting our domain. A Paradox is a statement or proposition that seems contradictory or absurd, nonetheless...expresses the possibility of truth. Angels are messengers who convey God's will...sent to guide and protect us. An apparition is the inexplicable appearance of a ghost, a spirit, entity or a demon. [...]

To Risk Extinction
What if you found not a cure, but a way to stop the spread of the HIV virus until a cure could be found? What if your overzealous Government ordered the production and distribution of this substance, even though you were not given adequate time for research and testing? What if this substance, once induced into a body, shut down not only all biological reproductive organs, but sexual libido as [...]

Liaisons - Meeting Connecting Committment
LIAISONS is an exclusive on line dating service where ordinary people can be matched to the person of their dreams, literally! But is it really all it seems to be? There is what you want and what you receive in life. Beauty is superficial and life can be distorted with the dysfunctional undercurrents of the psychologically deranged. But that shouldn't matter if you really love someone, should it? [...]

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