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Books by Hugh Ashton

Author Hugh Ashton

Mapp at Fifty - A Mapp and Lucia story in the style of the originals by E.F.Benson
Elizabeth Mapp-Flint of Tilling is approaching her fiftieth birthday, and plans a party to celebrate the event. However, as so often happens in Tilling, things don't go entirely according to plan, as Major Benjy, her husband, over-refreshes himself at the party, and presents her with an entirely unwelcome birthday gift. Meanwhile, Emmeline ("Lucia") Pillson and her husband Georgie, together with [...]

Leo's Luck
The good news: Leo has finally walked out on his wife after years of misery. The bad news: he finds his girlfriend in bed with another man. The good news: he's got 3,000,000 in the bank. The bad news: the bank is in Japan, he has no money to get there, and the money isn't really his anyway. The good news: he's taken on as a Killer Rabbit. The bad news: he doesn't know what a Killer Rabbit does. [...]

At the Sharpe End
Kenneth Sharpe is a British expatriate consultant living in Tokyo. A mysterious stranger, who claims to be hunted by the American security services, presses a box into his hand shortly before being discovered dead under the wheels of a train at Tokyo's busy Shinjuku station. Sharpe and his Indian friends discover there's more in the Hello Kitty box than he was originally told, and before long, [...]

1894: Some Cases of Mr. Sherlock Holmes
A memorandum book, containing five cases of Sherlock Holmes in 1894, once belonging to Dr John H. Watson, has been discovered. It also contains the long-lost tale of the two Coptic patriarchs. Hugh Ashton has undertaken the editing of these adventures, now published by Inknbeans Press.

Angels Unawares
Gerardo, formerly Bishop of the city of Nessuna in medieval Italy, writes his memoirs as he listens to the muezzin's call to prayer in the city of Lamakan. Exiled by his boyhood friend, Pietro, who has risen to power in Nessuna, Gerardo knows details of too many things that Pietro would sooner remain hidden. Gerardo's friends tell him of the arrival of an angel in Lamakan, expecting him to be [...]

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