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Books by Ellie Raine

Author Ellie Raine

Phoenix of Scarlet - A Sword and Sorcery Epic Fantasy (NecroSeam Chronicles Book 4)
A Raging Storm, A Spreading Darkness, A Rising Champion. After 2000 years of peace, the Time of Discord is returning to the Five Realms of Nirus. Prophecy claims only the Shadowblood can stop the total destruction of the world. Now, at last he is found! But he is not what the world expected ... for the Gods decided this legendary champion was to be born as twins, Xavier and Alexander, with their [...]

Princess of Shadow and Dream
"Fantasy at its best!" --Readers' Favorite Review - A Princess who protects dreams. A Prince who protects the dead. Two royal heirs from opposite realms must work together to save both their kingdoms. After living five-hundred years in her father's timeless realm of Dreams, Princess Myra is excited to visit the physical plane of the shadowy Death kingdom, even if it's only to assist the king of [...]

NecroSeam Chronicles Boxed Set - A Sword and Sorcery Epic Fantasy
The End of Existence is coming. The five realms of Nirus are too distracted by terrifying demons and civil wars to notice the true danger. Desperate to stop it, the King of Dreams has foreseen the world's last hope.. a pair of twin Necromancers. He sends his granddaughter on a secret mission to find them. But it may be too late. For one of these champions is thought dead... and his soul is [...]

Pearl of Emerald (NecroSeam Chronicles Book 3)
A Kingdom in Chaos. A Prophecy of Doom. A Legend of Hope. After almost seven years trapped inside his twin brother, Xavier's soul is finally stitched to his own body again, although he is physically weak from the long years in a coma. Death Princess Willow is thrilled to have her fiance back, but her duties as Grim's emissary takes precedence when the Reapers' war with Everland intensifies. And [...]

Orbs of Azure (NecroSeam Chronicles Book 2)
A Warrior Princess. A Vengeful King. A Hero awakened. A dark force threatens the world of Nirus. Prophecy says only the ShadowBlood can stop it. But, who is this legendary hero? And will he be found in time? When Princess Willow discovers her missing fiance actually coexists inside his twin, she is determined to help the brothers and their friends find Xavier's body. But their search takes a [...]

Willow of Ashes - A Sword and Sorcery Fantasy (NecroSeam Chronicles Book 1)
A breathtaking epic fantasy saga featuring fierce demons, valiant knights, and unlikely heroes. Get ready for thrilling action, addictive world-building, intricate magic systems, and the adventure of an afterlife-time! Fans of Epic fantasy authors like Brandon Sanderson, J. R. R. Tolkien and George R. R. Martin will love this totally unique and original fantasy series. The End of Existence is [...]

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